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The best forum topics for property investment beginners

Last updated: 4th June 2021

When it comes to advice for property investment beginners, we’ve got loads of articles, courses and podcast episodes to help them out.

Rob’s even written a book called ‘Property Investment for Beginners’ … which does exactly what it says on the tin.

But sometimes, our new Hubbers will want to ask questions and chat with other new investors. They’ll want a conversation, and to get quick feedback for whatever topic they’re interested in.

And that’s where the Property Hub Forum comes in handy.

It’s a community of over 65,000 property investors (and people interested in property investment), and these Hubbers have been sharing advice and their own stories on the forum for years.

No matter your goals, or where you’re at in your journey, no question is off-limits.

We think the forum is especially useful for people just starting out. And to prove it, we’ve chosen five of the best forum topics for property investment beginners.

‘How would you invest £100k?’

This question might seem like counting your eggs before they hatch for beginners. But the answers given in the thread showcase a wide breadth of investment options – a great learning opportunity for any newbies.

We know that it can sometimes seem overwhelming for beginners to learn about not only the types of investment there are, but also which ones work best.

And we think reading this thread, with answers from experienced Hubbers, is a fun and informative way to educate yourself.

And while it may be a long time until you’ve got £100k to invest, at least you’ll be prepared for when you do achieve it!

‘Starting an investment portfolio in Sheffield.’

This thread is specific to Sheffield (one of our 2021 hotspots), but it’s an informative one no matter your location.

And that’s because our Hubber James gets answers to some very common questions for those starting out;

‘What’s the general opinion on investing further away from your hometown?’

‘What helps you decide to invest in an apartment instead of a house?’

The thread also includes responses from experienced Hubbers explaining their deals in Sheffield, how they secured them and pitfalls they kept an eye out for.

Beginners will learn what they need to look out for if they’re investing away from home, and also how other successful investors got to where they are now. It’s definitely one of the best forum topics for property investment beginners to immerse themselves in.

‘Area review of postcodes in Leeds.’

When it comes to property investment, we’re big advocates of research. Especially for beginners.

And when it comes to research, there’s no better thread for you to read than this one.

Frank explains that he’s planning on investing in Leeds. But he’s not satisfied with simply looking at house prices in the city to choose his location.

He’s studied house prices, crime levels, and types of properties in each postcode to see where his money stretched furthest.

Then popped it all in a digestible excel sheet to see at a glance which areas to focus on.

He’s even offered to share it with other Hubbers, so they can do their own research in their preferred areas!

This one isn’t just good for beginners, it’s one even experienced investors will want to bookmark.

‘8 years to £3k a month.’

The ‘Progress Journal’ section of our Forum is one of the more exciting places to be as a property investor who wants to learn from others.

Here, our Hubbers share their personal stories, whether that’s detailing a deal, or showing how they’ve gone from a novice to an expert.

They’re also a great way to hold yourself accountable. If you know you’ve got loads of Hubbers subscribed to your journey, you’ll be more inclined to keep check of yourself!

One that beginners can subscribe to and watch in real time is David’s.

He explains his current situation, goals, and steps he’s taking to earn £3k a month from his portfolio by 2028.

Beginners can learn a lot from this thread.

‘Real journey with a £20k starting pot.’

And we couldn’t do a list of threads for beginners without including one of the most active threads we’ve ever seen.

Since 2017, Darren has been updating his thread showing how he’s progressing from having a £20k deposit to begin investing.

We’ve been following this one for years, and the sheer volume of responses shows that we’re not alone.

And Darren’s not only been diligent about updating the thread. He’s also been very open to answering any questions other Hubbers have about the journey.

It’s the perfect thread for beginners who want to learn from others’ success. And it’s great for those who want to get more detail by asking as many questions as they want.

This is only a small selection of the best forum topics for property investment beginners to read.

Register for free now and you too can expand your property investment knowledge, and even make a few new friends who share your interests and goals in the process.

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