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  3. Hi, im currently in Lincolnshire very close to Doncaster. I would say about an hour away from Halifax. Just let me know if and when and I can certainly give you a good price. Jase
  4. Sunday 25th August 2019 Well..... I have hit my target this week, in fact, I have smashed it out of the park!!! Very pleased, but not done yet! The target is now to become lean and then start to build more muscle bulk, so I still have a bit of the wobbly stuff to shift. Set my initial goal now at 79kg and then when I get to that point will assess the physique and whether that is right or if there is a little more to go. A week ago today we got back from holiday and I had put on a touch of holiday weight, but that had been lost in a couple of days, and then the rest just kept falling off. It has been a gruelling week at the gym. The sessions haven't seemed any different but I have absolutely ached after each session. My last session was Friday and my lower back and stomach muscles are still recovering, so much so that I am not going for a run today as I am feeling sore. Now I am not one for fads but this week I have been completing the 16/8 eating regime. So my last food intake is 8pm (normally around 7-7:30pm tbh) and then my first meal is the next day at 12pm. I basically skip my breakfast. It isnt actually that hard to do, and the busier you are that day the easier it is. I have had some days in the past where I have been that busy I can quite easily go until 3pm without eating and not think twice about it. All i consume during this period is water. I wont even take paracetamol, multivitamins etc just incase they break my fast. At 12pm I have been breaking my fast with a protein shake to start, then chicken, cottage cheese (and now rice!! MMmmmmm). Then an hour or two later some nuts and fruit. Then evening meal. This week there has been a real focus on the Macros and also quite a lot of research into getting the right type of carbs and fats. Previously my diet had been very heavy on Protein (about 50%) with carbs and fats not really being looked at. I had just focused on getting my protein, so when you need 190g of the stuff at just 1500Kal it is one hell of a challenge, with most calories being taken up by protein shakes instead of real food. This week we reviewed my macro's and introduced a more even split, so I am 40% protein, 40% carbs, 20% fats. This has reduced my protein intake to around 150g a day, so suddenly I am hitting that target without trying. What I needed to do was establish what carbs I should be consuming that will aid me in muscle growth (as despite aiming to loose the fat I am still lifting at the gym). Pretty much straight forward so have now introduced those carbs (Brown rice, brown pasta, fruit, veg, oatmeal, sweet potato). Its so nice to be able to eat carbs! lol... I have really enjoyed my opening meal of the day (150g chicken, 125g brown rice, 100g cottage cheese) and I have been unable to finish it in one go! I try and hold off any fat intake until a couple of hours after breaking my fast so that my body does not absorb all of it. With the fats, this has been a little more restrictive, so olive oil, almonds, pecans, walnuts, cashews, natural peanut butter, avocados, flaxseed oil. I now have 30g on almonds at around 3pm. These have the best nutrients out of the other nuts and I like them, so I am sticking with these at the minute as they give my my best nutrient intake. I have ordered olive oil capsules and also flaxseed oil capsules this week so that I can also get the required fats from them. It isnt particularly easy to incorporate those 2 into my food daily so I thought that this was the best way, I have also ordered some high quality fish oil capsules as well for the Omega 3. My tea then has just been sensible. We had a veg chilli that the Mrs made (The calorie intake was absolutely nothing and it tasted amazing so I have frozen up 250g portions), curry and rice last night (it was a naughty creamy curry but I simply accounted for the calories), and just normal stuff. All I do is try and establish what we are having for tea early on in the day so that I can plan my day correct. What I have found with 16/8 is that my hunger levels have decreased quite a lot (although I did feel hungry yesterday evening!). The fact that I am also missing a meal means that the 2 that I am having can be more substantial, so I feel much fuller. I can have a decent sized plate of food and afford the calories. Really chuffed with the weight loss this week, I know it will probably level off next week but I can see the wobbly bits slowly going, and tbh that is really my main aim, not actual weight loss as I am pretty happy with it now, its more becoming leaner before I start to add. Have a great week! Darren
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  6. I’m doing the same - took months to get house ready and just on market - honestly wish I’d gone for it as was in April because things in south here have slowed even more. Up north might be ok? Just consider mid nov - jan might be slow my agent suggested we rent rather than keep it on coming up to Xmas, but then with brexit who knows?
  7. Alright Dave, Thanks for the comment. I completely agree with you as something that is going to take a long time for me to figure out, it would be a lot quicker and would save me time to get a local sourcer. The thing is I want to learn as much as I can from this process doing it my way and plus I am enjoying the research. I am going to make mistakes, I hope I learn from these making future deals easier. Finding a deal packager is something I'm going to look into the future.
  8. Hi Ben How has your research been going? Welcome to the forums and hope you have been getting lots of insight since your original post. I will not attempt to answer all of your questions but: - B2L Mortgage and never owned a house? You need a good mortgage broker who can help you navigate. A key individual in the team - Choice of city. A crucial one really since sometimes it pays to get a broker local to the city you want to invest in. That way it makes 2 good reasons to come to the city for a visit. - Strategy. Sounds like you are looking for yield but do you know how much and of what kind. Housing benefits, small starter terraces or bigger family homes. So many choices it is important to make some choices early on to reduce the wide field of options otherwise. - City Visits. Have you visited any of your potential cities to get a feel for the rental areas and look at them through the eyes of tenants (your potential customers)? A great way to start to work out what feels right for you both. If you want to talk about Nottingham and all of the variety and opportunity it offers then feel free to get back to me. Regards Jonathan ChallisM: 07847 303273W: BespokeNPS.co.uk Eventbrite: Nottingham Property CircleShare - Learn - Build
  9. HI Sacha totally agree with the above - I have a property near London that I have on the market - hoping it will sell then I’ll buy 80-100k investment properties up north if I can get the mortgages in time, and keep them for long term. Reading forums a lot of people think it’s a wobble - personally I’m bracing for a crash but won’t stop me looking up north for yield! Be keen to hear what others are thinking
  10. Hi Ellie, As a previous poster has mentioned it is possible to capital raise up to 95%, but it can depend on what you intend to use the funds for. Lenders generally tend to be quite flexible when the funds are for home improvements or purchasing BTL property. Most however cap their LTVs for these purposes at 85% or 90%. A £20k increase in property value over a year is quite a jump, so a lender will need to see justification for this increase, such as significant improvements to the property. Remortgage valuations do not always work out so favourably however. The LTV will always be based on the property valuation at point of applying for a remortgage, any previous valuations are ignored. And yes, capital raising to 75% will always release less equity than at 90%. One final note of warning: if you intend to remortgage after a year, just be careful about tying yourself into a deal with early repayment charges. A fully flexible deal will allow you to remortgage away to another lender after a year, rather than having to stick with your existing provider and be limited to their additional borrowing rates. Hopefully this helps. Regards, Richard
  11. When I last enquired about such a case with Aldermore they applied at 60% max LTV for any flats above pubs/restaurants. Not sure if a cafe would be included in this, but you need to be careful what type of commercial premises are below.
  12. Hi Kane, Which lender are you with currently, if you don't mind me asking? It is more uncommon for a lender not to allow capital raising to fund BTL purchases. Most won't lend for business purposes, but BTL typically isn't considered to be a business, unless you are a professional property developer or suchlike. As suggested already, you may be best placed looking at the market as there should certainly be some options out there. Some lenders will allow capital raising for this purpose even up to 90% or 95% LTV. Regards, Richard
  13. Hi Artur, I am a mortgage broker based in Scotland (Glasgow), and I deal mostly with The Mortgage Works, Paragon Bank, Kensington and Precise Mortgages, for Limited Company BTL applications. Some others that can lend include Vida Homeloans, Masthaven, Bank of China and Together - typically these lenders are not as competitive on price. In terms of the solicitors fees you have been quoted, that sound very expensive, more than double what some of my existing clients have paid. I can only assume that either the quote includes LBTT, or your solicitor is not on the lender's approved panel meaning dual representation is required. Using a solicitor that is approved by the lender does keep the cost down as the one firm can do the work for both yourself and the lender, rather than have two sets of solicitors involved. Hopefully this helps. Regards, Richard
  14. For a general area, I mark out the zone on rightmove (where you can customise the search map) then select rent (including let agreed). If you end up identifying a specifc property that you are interested in purchasing, then contact a few of the local letting agents and ask them what they think they can get. Don't just rely upon one letting agent. I don't have any specific recommendations for letting agents in Kirkcaldy.
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  16. Hey Gilbert, www.property-connect.co.uk is a website which you might find useful. It is still in development but you can register now and when it is released it will allow you to enter your chosen areas and see a list of sourcers and associated contact details. There will also be a 5 star review & feedback system to help you select which agents to work with. Hope that is helpful. Regards, David
  17. Hi Anthony Welcome to the forum is this property a BTL? if so you might want to join a Landlord support specialist such as the National Landlords Associate (NLA) who can provide advice inclusive of their annual fee. I am in no way affiliated with the NLA but I do subscribe should I ever need to use them. If it were me, I’d want to fight. I don’t stand for these bully tactics. But on the other hand, im someone who’s very protective over my credit score given how frequently I have to apply for mortgages. Other than that, you may want to consult a solicitor. Best of luck
  18. Welcome to the forum James. ive met many a property specialist accountant at networking events. In particular the PIN events. Maybe try attending one of those for the opportunity meet one face to face which can often be beneficial to asses whether you can work with them. And I’d recommend speaking to more than one if you can
  19. Welcome to the forum Indy i personally invested in the area I grew up in and surrounding when I started invested. If you’re in an area with good fundamentals then it’s a great strategy because you’ll hopefully know this area intimately and where the best places to invest are. Im in the Beaconsfield area and currently work in Reading 1 day a week. I’m invested in Ruislip, Uxbridge, and Wycombe. Let me know if any of these areas pop up on your radar. I’d be happy to share my knowledge
  20. Welcome to the forum Kevin have you worked out what your ROI is? you might spend £2k in fees and legal but if you make £10k in rental profit, that’s 5x what you invested not including the capital appreciation you might gain. In which case the investment is worthwhile. No bank pays that kind of interest and it’s certainly very difficult to get those kind of gains on the stock market unless you’re very lucky or very active. If it were me, I might even raise capital to release 15-20% and use that to invest in another BTL. But my appetite for risk is greater than some and I lose no sleep leveraging to this level in order to increase my returns best of luck in whatever you choose
  21. Welcome to the forum Alistair. Do you have any strategy formed yet?
  22. I dont have first hand experiance with Scotland and LTD. However, these do SPV LTD & offer mortgages in Scotland. Not sure if they do Ltd in Scotland though. The Mortgage Works, The Mortgage Lender & Kensington oh & legal fee does seam high, would expect from £800 to £1500
  23. Hey Will. Have you thought of tying up with a local Sourcer / deal packager who sources in Birmingham? They will know the area and should be able to find you the kind of deal you are after and will present you with the relevant figures. You will need to do your own due diligence though. Ifyou decide to agree on a deal, they will expect a fee which you'll need to factor in. But if they secure you a genuine good deal (below market value or an opportunity to add value) then it makes it easier to "recycle" your investment when you remortgage, as you'll remortgage on the new actual value and not the original purchase price. This allows you to leave only a minimal investment in the property.
  24. Can anyone recommend solicitors, letting agents and mortgage brokers for limited companies for buy to let in Glasgow? I'm not sure whether to manage some of the process or outsource the management as we might be moving out of the area. Who have you used? Anyone I should avoid?
  25. Just wondering if you ever got started? I am also starting my first investment in Scotland.
  26. Have you checked the rent payments and contract to confirm this is the case? A lot of people (tenants) get rent in advance confused, if your agent may have just parroted that excuse without checking. To not to be able to pay August, your tenant when they moved in would have had to pay two months rent. One for the month they are living in and one to be held by the agent. Perhaps that was the case.. If what the management company is saying is right, then I think your Solicitor should have brought this up.
  27. Did you find out the answer to your question? I am just getting started too, although I wouldn't know how to do it without a deposit.
  28. That seems expensive. Did you find anyone cheaper?
  29. Congratulations on your first property purchase. How's it going now? Did everything go to plan? I am just about to invest in my first property. I'd be interested in meetups to share strategy in Scotland.
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