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  2. Mate, I took the survey, but I'm unclear how your questions provide much insight around the factors that influence house prices. Ofsted rating of schools for example will influence current prices, not neccessarily the future trajectory of prices - unless of course the rating of the school changes which creates additional demand in the area. The BOE study linked below demonstrates that the majority of the price increase in housing over the past few decades (nationally) has been due to the decline in real interest rates over this period. You should find their house price model quite inform
  3. Would normally to sell the property or sell a property in the portfolio to pay down debt on other properties. You could also remortgage the property at the end of the term.
  4. Hi everyone I am looking to learn from this forum to help me develop my investor aspirations. I am also happy to share information I pick up in my day job which might help other landlords. My background is 30 years in providing whole market specialist mortgages and loans to mortgage brokers - so often solving the more complex scenarios they cant handle. Feel free to get in touch if you run out of ideas in a complex borrowing scenario Steve Walker Promise Money 01902 585005 www.promisemoney.co.uk
  5. The new "Mortgage Guarantee Scheme", is available to non-first time buyers. So if this is introduced, you may be eligible. Sit tight and keep saving, hopefully there will be an option available this year for you.
  6. Through the Help to Buy Equity Loan Scheme, you may be eligible for a Mortgage with a few High Street Lenders. Rates would be competitive, around or a bit less than 2%. You would use your 5%, plus 20% from the government (equity loan) to top up your deposit to 25%. Greater deposit, equals less risk to the Lender. So a greater chance of being approved. Obtaining a Mortgage on a traditional/non-new build property isn't doable for anyone at the moment with a 5% deposit. As you are looking to buy in November, you have a bit of time to make sure the rest of your finances are all in order,
  7. I'm going to disagree with the above - in particular "The freehold won't be worth anything". You are taking a freehold building and creating leases. Those lease can have a ground rent - there's no current need for that to be "a peppercorn" (i.e. £zero) so the freehold can have income. Income has a capital value. Just make sure the lease creation is done in the right way (hint).
  8. The requirement here - as with all leasehold - is RTBL ... it will tell you what you can do and what you cannot. By the way - it's not your property. It's the freeholder's property ... and you're renting it for an awfully long time, via a lease.
  9. Hi, I mostly teach now (www.paulwhittlephotos.co.uk), but options to shoot and to teach have been frustratingly limited recently! Still, there's light at the end of the tunnel.
  10. Rob B sat down with Property Investor Today for a quick interview, covering the likelihood of first-time investors becoming financially free in a short space of time and whether no money down deals are genuinely possible. Give it a read and let us know below if you agree with Rob, or if it raises more questions for you; https://www.propertyinvestortoday.co.uk/breaking-news/2021/2/insight--can-first-time-investors-really-become-financially-free-very-quickly
  11. Cater Allen have been very good for me, and if you get to the point of savings, aldermore are also very good.
  12. Just a further question from reading this thread, if you set up a ltd company and purchase your first house as BTL interest only, what are the acceptable quotations on how you will repay the loan at the time required, ie if a 20yr time frame, what are the given reasons to clearing the debt at the end of mortgage remaining ? IS it sell the property which will have compound interest over the 20 years ?, is it pay off with passive income as the company grows etc.. be really good to hear the common answers given.
  13. Hi All, New to the forum and looking for some insight into what my chances may be of securing a btl mortgage in limited time, So to cut a long story short, I have purchased a flat in auction just on Friday 28/2/21, yes I know it's crazy but I haven't physically seen it. I was outbid on the actual auction, however it didn't meet the reserve so didn't sell. A week later I get a call, it's still available and being offered to me below the reserve before it's back in auction a week later, I make a lowball offer which was refused, I then offer to meet half way to the sellers asking price
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  15. Hi, Paul! I am new here and I am a photographer as well) So great to meet here people, who are photographers too. Hope you'll show us something from your works
  16. Hi All, I am a first time buyer (in London) and as such would appreciate advice. I had a viewing on Saturday for a home listed at 475k. I think it is way overpriced. I know another offer of 410 was rejected so I am thinking to submit 412 or 415. It is being sold by a will executor. Based on the (sincere I think) feedback from the agent it would be good to make increments of 5k until the offer is accepted. I believe the fair value or a similar home is around 440, however it needs a huge amount of work, such as reviring, repiping (at some point), roof/gutters checks, asbestos checks, rubbish c
  17. Hello everyone, I’m currently looking to buy my first home (around £160,000- £200,000) using either the new 5% deposit mortgage or the equity loan. I currently have £12,000 in a LiSA which can be used in November. Unfortunately, I have a default on my account from January 2016 (for £99 but is settled). I also have 3 late payments. One in 2018 and two in 2019. I have a good credit score with all three agencies and earn £40,000 a year. I have zero balances on all credit cards (including using them and paying them off each month) and I do not use my overdraft. Basi
  18. Hi Ian, I just happened upon your very kind offer of planning advice. I’d be very interested in your opinion. I live in rural Cheshire in a house among a development of converted barns (although my house was completely taken down and so is essentially a new build). I’m looking to install a wood burning stove. We are not in either a smoke-control zone or a conservation area, however a neighbour of mine tells me permitted development rights were removed at the time of the original planning application, 15-20 years ago. Our HETAS stove engineer assures us planning permission is not
  19. gaz_h


    Hi there, I’m Gareth from Scotland. Currently have 3 BTL repayment mortgages in personal name, 70% equity in each of them. I am currently a high rate tax payer, looking to add more properties. I’m stuck between purchasing in personal name, LTD company or mixed partnership. What’s peoples thoughts please? Thanks,
  20. My husband and I have a plan to have 2 properties on buy to let within the next 3 years to be held as long term investments. We have been planning since December with a view to start purchasing properties this spring/ summer. The upcoming announcement expected in the Budget next week, of only needing 5% deposits for first time buyers, budget mortgages etc has created a confidence crisis with our plan. Are we crazy to start now? We fear after years of saving we have now missed the boat.... Will anyone still want to rent a property is they can finally afford to buy a property?
  21. Thanks for your replies. I will check out the websites mentioned and get some pricing and advice
  22. Hi all, I've been looking at Liverpool for a while now and have noticed people saying the cheaper areas offering the best yields are often not the best for getting good tenants. For example, areas like Bootle, Kirkdale, Anfield, Kensington. Is this true? Is it better to look at some of the more robust areas, like Wavertree and Toxteth? Really at a loss here as I'm not from the city. I'm liking Anfield due to the regeneration that is likely to happen over the next few years, but want to make sure it's fine before buying anything. Is Anfield okay? Is there any areas you can r
  23. Ans just to make it more interesting I might be starting a new job...
  24. Hi, I remortgaged a house last year, the tenants have given notice, and I'm thinking of selling it, buying a new residential and amending my current residential to a buy to let. I'm just getting a few checks on CGT from my accountant. Would it go against me because I'm paying my mortgage off early if I go to get another.
  25. Hi All, I am planning to do some BRRR's in the next couple of years with my partner. Currently we are in Shanghai, planning to return to the UK in August, and getting our house in order (litterally!) by refinancing our portfolio and doing a few Off-plan/new build purchases along the way. I like to plan and have been creating "deal sheets" in excels for all of our considered strategies. Given we can't do much from 6000miles away, now is the perfect time. I am really struggling to make a direct comparison between doing a BRRR deal, buying initially with a Mortgage or C
  26. What I’ve learnt in this game in a relatively short period of time, is aslong as the property market is buoyant, you have two choices when it comes to purchasing on the open market. 1, If the property represents a good investment opportunity going forward, and fits your strategy, just buy it. 2, Be prepared to do lots of legwork, look at lots of properties, and have lots of BMV offers knocked back in the pursuit of that one property that has a vendor/vendors with that illusive ‘motivation’. I recently started a thread about how much worth being a cash buyer brings to a deal, mig
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