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  2. Not local but I would highly recommend Elite Law Solicitors (Brighton office) for any property related matters. I have used them on a number of occasions for a variety of instructions ranging from bog standard sales and purchases, bridging loans and auction properties. Would absolutely recommend!
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  4. The cost structure you've outlined seems to include a setup fee of 8% of the first year's rent, followed by an 8% monthly management fee. Make sure you're clear on what these fees cover and whether there might be any additional costs. You mentioned that maintenance is included. Make sure you understand exactly what this covers. Are there limits on the types or costs of repairs covered? How quickly will they respond to maintenance requests? If possible, try to speak to other landlords who use their services. They can give you an idea of what it's like to work with this company and whether they deliver on their promises. Make sure that the company is knowledgeable about local and national laws regarding rental properties. They should be able to ensure your property is in compliance with all regulations.
  5. Hi all, Looking for some advice if anyone is willing. A friend has just inherited a lot of money as has suggested doing a house flip with me. He will fund the deposit, refurb, legals etc, and I will project manage in entirety (and carry out a lot of the works). At the end of the flip we will walk away with a 50/50 split of the profits after all stamp duties etc are paid. What is the best way to do this? both structure wise and (of course) tax wise. I have thought about setting up a business so I can keep any money made inside of said business for future ventures but he will be expecting a repayment asap. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Hello, when considering a secured business loan, it's important to gather as much information as possible and seek advice from professionals. While I can't provide specific recommendations, I can offer some general guidance. Research loan providers and look for reputable lenders who offer secured business loans. Check their eligibility criteria, interest rates, repayment terms, and any additional fees involved. Consider reaching out to banks, credit unions, online lenders, and financial institutions that specialize in business loans. Prepare your financial documents, even if you don't have your first year of accounts completed yet. Gather any financial statements, business bank statements, profit and loss statements, and any other relevant documents that demonstrate the profitability of your business. Seek professional advice from an accountant, financial advisor, or business loan specialist who can guide you through the loan application process. They can help you prepare the necessary documents, assess your options, and provide recommendations based on your specific circumstances. Explore alternative financing options such as lines of credit, invoice financing, or business credit cards. Evaluate the risks involved in securing the loan against the equity in your residential home and consider the potential consequences if you encounter difficulties repaying the loan. Remember to carefully review all terms and conditions before proceeding. Best of luck with your loan search, and I hope you find a suitable solution for your financing needs.
  7. Hi Phil, Regarding your mortgage refinancing options, it's understandable that you're seeking opinions from the community. Here are some considerations based on the information you provided: The decision to switch lenders depends on whether the £50/month difference in payments justifies the hassle of changing, including legal processes and potential timing risks. You mentioned the risk of being on Keystone's higher standard variable rate (SVR) for a month or two, which could offset any benefit gained. Assess the overall financial impact and potential savings over the long term to determine if it's worth the effort of switching. Releasing £30,820 in equity would result in an extra £8,700 in costs over five years. Consider your current financial situation and future plans. If you don't have immediate plans for the money and already have capital allocated to upcoming projects, evaluate if the additional cost justifies the release of equity. Assess whether the funds could be better utilized elsewhere or if having additional liquidity outweighs the increased cost. It's important to weigh these options against your financial goals, risk tolerance, and individual circumstances. While hindsight is always 20/20, focus on making the best decision based on your current situation. It may be beneficial to discuss these options further with your broker, taking into account their expertise and understanding of your specific circumstances. Remember, seeking advice from a professional financial advisor or mortgage specialist can provide valuable insights tailored to your unique situation. They can help you evaluate the pros and cons of each option and make an informed decision. Best of luck with your refinancing decision.
  8. I am not a lawyer, but I can provide some general information that may help you understand the situation. In cases like this, it's important to consult with a legal professional who can advise you based on the specific laws and regulations in your jurisdiction. The 4 or 10-year rule you mentioned may refer to adverse possession, which is a legal concept that allows someone to claim ownership of land if they have occupied it for a certain period of time without the owner's objection. However, adverse possession rules typically apply to cases where a person occupies land without permission and treats it as their own, rather than situations involving agreements between parties. In your case, it seems there was a specific agreement between your mother and the neighbor regarding the shed. Since your mother paid for the shed and both parties were allowed to use it, the situation might involve contractual rights rather than adverse possession. To understand your rights and obligations, you should review the specific terms of the agreement between your mother and the neighbor. It would be beneficial to consult with a lawyer who can assess the agreement, any relevant local laws, and provide you with legal advice based on the specific details of your situation.
  9. Hi Jon, I appreciate it's been a very long time since you posted this question, but I would be very interested to know where you got to with it? Did you ever get an answer and did you go ahead with the flattening of the roof? Thanks!
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  11. Hi, I'm shortly viewing a properly that's non standard construction (steel framed prefab concrete. Called 'cruden rural'. Several thousand made in Scotland around 1950). From doing some basic research (I'll do more before seriously considering buying) and asking locally, it seems these houses ARE mortgageable and do sell without massive hassle. I'd be a cash buyer. Hopefully around £95,000 if accepted. I'd be looking to flip it, and had liked the idea of putting on a small timber framed extension (it would the kitchen much nicer and more desirable to future potential buyers). The extension would have to be timber framed to keep costs down, especially keeping realistic resale values in mind. It's not an ideal flip, but may suit us very well right now to live in for a bit while our main residential home has work done, as the location is perfect for us. For this reason, I don't mind it not making a huge amount, but want it to at the very least to break even. Obviously a profit would be great. My main question is, would putting a timber framed extension on an already non standard construction property be a big no-no, and potentially leave us with an unmortagable property that's very difficult to shift? Thanks in advance for any advice, Lou 🙂
  12. Hi lovely people, Quick introduction; myself and partner have renovated (while living in) and sold 2 properties to get a financial footing. We're now looking for a 3rd. We have day jobs, but would love to make property our main income. Recently moved to rural Aberdeenshire (royal Deeside) with our 6yr old, 1yr old twins and dog and cat. Would be great to network locally for trades contacts, advice and general moral support. Thanks, Lou 🙂
  13. Hi guys, Very keen to get started. Been looking into this for some time but i have to admit the content you provide is exactly what i need, i only found it today and has made the last few months seem useless as other teachers are too in depth. I do have one question though if anyone is able to help me. I am currently living with my parent? Are my chances of buying in serious jeopardy because of this? Also my girlfriend is interested in being involved in this with me however she lives in a council flat. Would she still be able to be in a council property and be on a buy to let mortgage? All help would be greatly appreciated.
  14. I could not-recommend a few bad ones. Unfortunately, I've never had a good experience with them...even the last time I purchased I went significantly more expensive in the hopes of making life easier...they were the worst of all of them!
  15. Hi, I got an email from NRLA giving a link to a company called Market Offer, the provided assistant living and offer long term deals 5yr etc. As I understand it the set up fee is 8% off the first years rent then 8% per month management fee, with maintenance included. Has anyone had any dealings with this company? I'm sure if it's through the NRLA it must be reputable. Cheers
  16. Hi Lauren, I am in a similar position to you. Here is what I am trying to focus on for now: 1. Growing my general knowledge of the property market (podcasts, books etc) 2. Growing my local knowledge (keeping my eye on the market, talking to local estate agents etc) 3. Saving cash to invest. I hope this helps. Cheers - Owain
  17. Thanks for the advice. My long term goal is to invest in property for the long term, rather than to make as much money as possible in the short term. This is why traditional BTLs appeal to me. I probably only have about 50% of what I would need to invest in a BTL at the moment (maybe slightly less) so I think I should just focus on saving and growing my knowledge in the area for now. Prices around tend to be in the £180-£220K mark for a detached 2 bed.
  18. This is really helpful, something I have taken considerable time researching. This makes it all a lot simpler to understand.
  19. As I have a bit of a background in SEO I thought it was worth sharing some information here. Firstly, when people promise to get you on the first page of good for £100 they aren't lying. This is because they will either: 1. Spend £10 of that £100 on Google Ads, which will get you to the top of rankings (just not for long/for many people) 2. They will do a few tweaks to your site and get you to rank for an incredibly niche keyword which nobody ever searches Unfortunately (or fortunately), depending on how you look at it, good SEO is not a one time thing. A lot goes into it and it needs be consistently addressed. You need to be doing things like: Keyword research Creating consistent, high quality content Structuring your website in the right way Ensuring your website works on all devices Making sure your website loads quickly and is easy to use (There is a lot more) Honestly, to REALLY smash SEO you need a great agency and a LOOOAD of cash. However, you can benefit from SEO simply by focusing on quality. For example, if your website works well, looks great and is consistently updated with the most relevant information...they you are likely to start building at least a good level of quality traffic over time. I hope this helps.
  20. Hello Jessica! Any info on your goals etc? Darren www.fmp.group Whatsapp Direct By Clicking Here 01706 507202
  21. Hi Matt, Welcome to the forum. You will like it here! Make sure you consume lots of podcasts from the Rob's, theres lots of very simple knowledge which once explains makes perfect sense. I started off on this forum in 2017 and now im on 25 Rental units. www.fmp.group Whatsapp Direct By Clicking Here 01706 507202
  22. Hi Matt, welcome to the forum. First up, MASSIVE congratulations on realising that just sticking with a standard BTL is the way to go, rather than all of the hype rubbish people spout on the internet! Just keep it simple and build slowly, that is the best way to achieve your goals. What sort of funds do you already have to start buying with? Where I operate for a turnkey you're looking to be spending between 23.4k-31.5k depending upon the purchase price. As you can see below these types of properties return 500-625 at the moment. How are the house prices vs rental returns in the West Midlands? I have some clients from there and I have heard prices have grown significantly? www.fmp.group Whatsapp Direct By Clicking Here 01706 507202
  23. Hi there. I've used Elite Law Solicitors for a number of matters including a Buy to Let purchase, standard sales and purchase and bridging loans for auction properties. I've used different Solicitors at the firm but they've all always been very efficient and approachable. I'd always suggest checking out reviews online to give you a bit of insight as to what to expect. Hope that helps!
  24. Hi all, Just getting started in property investing and looking to build my power team. Anyone got any recommendations for an accountant, solicitor and broker for someone who is just starting out. many thanks,
  25. Is it better to buy property through a limited company or in your own name? There are advantages to both, but which is right for you? In this video instead of boring you to death with spreadsheets, we give you a simple rule of thumb to help you decide once and for all.
  26. Same really, lots of lo-fi/coffee house. I/we have found that anything that doesn't have a heavy bass line is much easier to concentrate to.
  27. That is really helpful thank you. Sounds like I should consider my options here. The deposit I would need around here would be HUGE!
  28. hello, i hope someone can help. i have a very very good tenant and i dont see the point of paying the letting agent fee for this one when they dont do anything for the fee, so i was thinking of taking the tenant direct. The tenants are happy with it, however when i spoke to the letting agent, they said as per their agreement that i signed its a £1000 + vat to take a tenant in situ direct. that is how much extra i would make in the first year. can they legally do this? its the first i have heard of it.
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