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  1. Thank you both for your prompt response. As i was writing this post, I kept thinking that a bird in the hand worth more than 2 in the tree! Rob - thanks for the advice (boosted that you wrote here! (celebrity!)) Thank you Tim! Very sound advice. I have considered doing this and may consider this when we renew the contract in Dec. So we have decided to keep the tenant, but also inform them that we will be increasing the rent. We will inform them on the market rate in the area and compromise on an slight increased amount. I'm sure they will negotiate down too. Hopef
  2. Hi All, We own (with mortgage) a ground floor maisonette, we have had the current tenants since we bought the property (6yrs). They are very good tenants (always pay on time, maintain the up keep, always ask if they can make any changes etc). They have asked if they can continue to stay next year when the contract expires (Dec 14). If we agree then they want to re paint the rooms and spruce up the general appearance. We have no concern with their taste in colour or the quality of work etc as they have done it before few years back. BUT We checked the general rental rates in the
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