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  1. Hello Thandi and all thanks so much for posting your comments on investing in Nottingham. I too am interested in investing in the Nottingham Mansfield area. I have a couple of properties in the Shirebrook area which I purchased a few years ago. They cash flow and unexpectedly one has provided good capital growth. My focus is on cash flow. Although I have these properties (3 in total) I still feel like a newbie, so am going through Rob's book, hub training and gaining info from fb groups. I want to buy my next property by the end of the y
  2. Hi All thanks for your advice. After some negotiation the vendor has agreed on a price of £332,500. so £2.5k above the valuer price. so I'm happy with that bit of negotiation as I've saved £13.5K Thanks again.
  3. Hi Joe Thanks for getting back. A few of us did meet last night - the late comers! Please can you tell me the name of the Facebook group so I can join. Thanks and have a good weekend.
  4. Hi joe I'm here at the south bank. Where exactly are you? Do you have a mobile number I can contact you on?
  5. Hi joe I'm here at the south bank. Where exactly are you? Do you have a mobile number I can contact you on?
  6. Hi All I put in an offer in a terraced house in Plaistow, London for £346K. This was accepted by the seller. The survey has been done by the mortgage company who estimate the cost of the property to be only £330K. What can I do about this lower value? I would obviously prefer to pay the lower value. Can the seller insist that I pay what I offered? thanks in advance
  7. Hi All My mother has an investment property in London. To reduce her IHT Bill she has decided to gift the property to her 5 children. We were advised by an accountant for her to gift it to a limited company with all our names as shareholders. But once we own it we want to re- mortgage (it's currently mortgage free) to take some equity out and buy another London property. I understand it's harder to get mortgages with ltd company. So I would like to know what other ways my mum can gift the property to us. And then after owning it for 6months to re-mortgage it. The other option is just hav
  8. Thank you all for your responses. Richard I'll be in touch. Regards Yvonne
  9. Hi All Please can anyone recommend a good accountant that has an understanding of property investment and revenue allowables. Also, can anyone recommend a solicitor that can review a management/letting agents agreement. I have been sent a letting agents agreement from lettings agent, and I just want to make sure that everything is in order before I sign it. thanks in advance Yvonne
  10. Hi Thanks for your feedback. I appreciate it.
  11. Hi Everyone! I've just bought my first BTL in the Nottingham area. I've been working with a mentor, who's helped me purchase the property. The same mentor has set up a letting agent company, so he can manager the property on my behalf. I live in London, so this will work for me. But I wanted to know does his letting agent company need to be registered with a letting agent association? I've looked in the comments in the Forum, and can't see this particular question. thanks in advance Yvonne
  12. Hi everyone I'm looking at buying a buy to let property in the Nottinghamshire area and would love to hear from anyone who has any knowledge/experience of this area. I'm looking in this area, as the properties are cheaper than in London (that's where I live) so want to use leverage. So I'd be really interested to hear from anyone on here who has knowledge of the area.
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