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  1. Hi, Is there any way of hiding properties on Rightmove? I've found a plugin here: https://greasyfork.org/en/scripts/5845-rightmove-blacklist-properties but it doesn't appear to have been updated since 2014 and it doesn't work for me at the moment, using chrome on a Mac. There a few plugins to track prices and scrape data from the land registry etc but I'm just looking for a way to hide properties I've already reviewed and aren't suitable. Zoopla has this built in already, and for that reason I've been sticking almost completely to Zoopla, but there appear to be plenty more
  2. Hello all, My partner & I have just moved over to the East Midlands from Ireland We're renting at the moment, but looking to get into investment when we have the funds built up. (We're only at about 10K at the moment but at our current rate of saving we should be able to get started in the next 18 months) We're both Engineers (Mechanical & Civil) by profession, so we're okay with numbers, and we both love to get stuck in to hands on stuff too...so the plan at the moment is a to do a few DIY BTS's and then use the profits to diversify a bit and run a parallel longer term strategy
  3. Hi Adam, I'm no expert by any stretch, but AFAIK you don't need planning permission, but you may need building control approval. You definitely need BC approval for a garage to bedroom conversion, because it's classed as change of use. BC will inspect the work and make sure it's up to the current regs rather than granting permission to do the work, from what I know. Best bet would be to just ring your local BC office and ask Whether it would add value is down to your target market; If you're planning to sell it to an investor as a BTL then it would be, but a first time buyer couple with
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