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  1. Hello all i'm interested to hear your thoughts on this tax change within the Buy to Let sector. I have been forwarded a link by someone I know as there is a group of people who are looking to challenge this (https://www.crowdjustice.co.uk/case/clause24/). I cannot see how they can get away with such a change, it goes against the grain for any type of business. Are there any ways to get around this? I would be interested to hear anyone's thoughts/suggestions to get around it. A limited company may be one way but this would involve selling your personal property to your business, incur lega
  2. Hello all, i've got a property in Spring Street, Hull which I bought through RMP this time last year for cash. I have tried to get a mortgage on the property but they bank have come back and said that the building will not satisfy all major lenders. I paid £69,500 for the property cash, i'm looking to mortgage to release equity the buy another property, any advice or help would be much appreciated, thanks very much.
  3. A message to all of you above, i've read your replies and I myself have been looking for software to monitor my properties, not necessarily manage them. I've not seen anything out there that I think ticks all of the boxes. I have some thoughts myself but it would be good to hear what other people such as hub members would want or expect from an online web based system. Your input would be great to hear. I am planning on getting something built and if your happy to trial it please let me know your name and e mail address (providing i'm allowed to ask for this in the hub Rob and Rob) and as
  4. Hello Richard thanks for your post, I am taking professional advice and I will raise this with them as I want to make sure it's done properly and above board. Appreciate it.
  5. Hello Johann and Richard i'm considering in setting up a Limited Company myself and was coming on here to raise a similar question. I saw a tax specialist last week and ran through some ideas together (myself, my brother and the tax specialist). I'll do my best to explain the reason that we are intending to set up a Limited Company, I wanted to ask other people their view on the situation; My brother and I currently have 6 rental properties between us (3 in my name, 3 in his), I have been told that if we were to ever sell these we would pay tax on the increased value of the properties
  6. If you inject money into your company you will not pay tax on it as it isn't an earning, it would be classed as a loan. I would think that you would put this in as a loan and once the new limited company is earning money you can pay the loan back (to yourself). The best person to speak to will be your accountant as i'm not an accountant myself (the name probably gives it away).
  7. Hello I wonder if anyone is able to help or point in the right direction here. My mate Dean, his mum and nan both live in separate maisonettes in the same block in east London. One is a ground floor maisonette, 3 bedroom, with ground and 1st floor plus a garden, the other is 3 bedroom in the same block but not on ground floor and no garden. They have both lived in these properties for over 30 years and have the right to buy at a heavily discounted rate. The are worth in the region of £350,000 and he believes that they can be bought for £80-£100k each. Dean doesn't have the money to buy the
  8. 3rd vote - I would also be interested to hear something on commercial property and the blocks of flats as mentioned by ayshek.
  9. I know of people who used GumTree to look for properties when going to uni, i've also let some of my own properties via GumTree but make sure you do the necessary searches and checks.
  10. Hello I am curious to know what other areas or interests other investors have. I currently invest in residential property myself, although I want to continue and expand my portfolio I am considering other areas of investment and would like to see what other areas or interests similar investors have.
  11. Hello i've noticed that on buy to let mortgages they are non regulated, why is this? Could anyone explain the reason behind it and what it actually means? Are there any pro's or con's to it? Thanks for reading and appreciate any responses, Jon
  12. No i'm not on a percentage, i'm in the process of buying some property through RMP and will be having Yellow Lettings manage it for me. Rob called last week to say about a guaranteed rental scheme that they will be doing which sounds good.
  13. Hello Kylie I don't currently use any software and am considering getting something built. I'm thinking of having it built with the option to open it up for others to use or subscribe. Is this something that you could do? Would consider doing? Feel free to contact me if you want to discuss further.
  14. Try Yellow Lettings http://yellowlettings.net
  15. Starting a limited company is an option and I can't see it being illegal providing you comply with all the legislation, however there are costs associated to having a limited company and these may outweigh your potential saving, depending on how many properties you have. I would suggest that you speak with a couple of specialist accountants and see what they say, I would think that they are cheaper and less hassle than having a limited company.
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