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  1. Hi, thank you both for the replies. I guess I will just speak to them directly and give them reassurances. I still think rolling works best but if they insist find out the fees Paul
  2. Hi, My tenants are coming to the end of their 6 month contract in my house and stated that they would like to sign a new 12 month contract or anktger 6 month contract, rather than remaining on a rolling/month to month agreement. They have reported to the estate agents that they are very settled and would like the security of a longer contract. What are the advantages and disadvantages, from my point of view, in offering them a fixed term contract rather than keeping them on a rolling contract? I have no plans to replace them, nor have I plans to up their rent in the next 12 mont
  3. Hi Paul, How have you been getting on? I went to a course with Samuel Leeds a few months back who was promoting your strategy of high yielding properties for cash flow and financial freedom. I have recently bought one in Rotherham but find Sheffield fairly expensive. Are there any go to areas that you look at? I was itold that it would be impossible to get a mortgage in some of the cheaper areas, because they are so saturated with buy to lets. Have you any experience of that? cheers
  4. Hi, I was wondering if there was anyone who has invested in the South Yorkshire region who has a good idea of where to invest in properties that are fairly cheap and therefore have a fairly high rental return? I live in Sheffield and just bought my first buy to let in Rotherham without really knowing too much of the areas. I am looking to buy one more property before I move away to Australia in about 5 months time which leads me on to my next question... has anyone got experience of buying properties in England whilst living and working abroad? Could this affect my abi
  5. Thanks for the reply! I actually got an offer accepted on a property shortly before and, for some reason, didnt want to jinx the deal by talking about it untill now haha so apologies for the delay (I won't be as excited on my second!) Really happy with the deal because in my opinion it is roughly 20% bmv. I understood what you said about the 10 percent deposit but I was looking at it from the perspective of putting in as little of my own money as possible. I did go with that in the end anyway. To be honest the main reason was because the 95% deals were far harder to get
  6. the cheaper one is 50% equity share
  7. Hi my name is Paul and I am 26 living in Sheffield. My interest in property started after reading 'Money for nothing and my property for free' about 4 years ago. Since then I have been working on securing a decent reliable income so that I can lend money to buy (previously survived on money made from poker which the banks obviously don't like). It's been a long slow process but I am now a qualified mental health nurse eager to get started. I was recommended the property hub about 5 months ago (weirdly whilst playing poker lol) and have been listening to the podcasts regularly ever since.
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