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  1. Hi Paul, Welcome and good luck in your investment journey! I live in Leeds and have a medium sized portfolio of single lets. Whilst I can't really help much with student/HMO's I do have a few contacts in my local area I specialise in - in Leeds. Feel free to let me know if I can help. Thanks Gavin
  2. Thanks so far. Certainly the last thing I'd want to do is commit mortgage fraud! Where I'm coming from is the accountant I have found says just contact my existing lenders and ask to change the name to a company (I have been doing my own accounts and tax planning up until now). I was sceptical it would be that easy, and I think there is a reason why mortgages for limited companies are more expensive. I guess I was hoping there might be some sucess stories out there of certain lenders (Like Paragon above Is encouraging) that would allow it. I think the BTL as an indiv mortgage
  3. Hi Folks, I thought it would be useful to compare notes\ sucess stories on peoples experiences here regarding getting permision to move their existing properties through a traditional individual BTL mortgage to a LTD company. I for one have the following lenders:- Lenders Santander (Abbey) x3 Paragon x2 Accord Post Office (Bank of Ireland) Approach I have approached them all by phone and asked if they would permit me changing the name on the mortgage to a company I would be director of. Also I would personally guarantee the mortgage. Results So Far I have called Santa
  4. Hi all, I am urgently looking at remortgaging and buying a new property. I have 6 properties worth around 600k and mortgages around 400k. Considering the recent budget announcement and I am a high-rate taxpayer it's all the more important I do these mortgages as efficiently as possible. My 2 choices as I see it are:- 1. Do the mortgages in my wife's (basic rate tax) name only and pay a less competitive mortgage rate by around 1% (as she earns less than the magic 25k) but save significant tax going forward. 2. get a Declaration of trust for our properties which as i understand them
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