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  1. Can you let me know what the company name is, please? Thanks,
  2. Hi, I will try and make the 25th Sept. New to the group, so looking forward to meeting you all. Vanessa
  3. Is there anyone out there who would be interested in talking about commercial property investment through a SIPP. Interested in advice, potential JV deals, any training available, talking to anyone who has experience in commercial property investments. Thank you!
  4. Hi! Thanks for another interesting and informative podcast. I was interested you didn't mention a Birmingham as a place to invest. Although it seems ahead of other cities in terms of property price growth, it seems there are areas where investment would be potentially lucrative. I would be interested in your views? Thanks. Vanessa
  5. I am interested in talking to potential property sourcers in Birmingham. I am interested in freehold properties that need some work doing? Thanks, Vanessa
  6. That would be great. Thanks for offering to organize, Peter.
  7. Holly, Yes would be great to meet for a coffee and Peterborough property chat! My email is vanessa.broad@hotmail.co.uk If anyone else is interested in joining us for an informal comparing notes session,why not respond to this thread/email me and I am happy to co-ordinate. Thanks, Vanessa
  8. Zak, Thank you very much. That's good to know. I will be in touch when I get further down the road. Kind regards, Vanessa
  9. Holly, always nice to bump into fellow local investors. I just read your thread on local groups so may see you at the next group. Would be interesting to share notes on Peterborough - plenty of properties to go around! My interest is HMOs there. What's your angle?
  10. What are the dates for next Peterborough meet? Sounds like it would be useful for me to attend too.
  11. Thanks Zak for your detailed advice. As it seemed that it would be hard to insure the property, I have cut my losses and moved onto another property. That said, I have saved your details for future use. Thanks again, Vanessa
  12. Hello everyone, I am fairly new to property investment, am in the process of buying my second BTL property and the environmental searches have come back with a moderate to high risk of natural ground subsidence (I have not yet had my survey done). Has anyone else had the experience of dealing with this finding? My solicitor is very dismissive of the issue, my broker not so much. Thanks for any comments anyone has! Vanessa
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