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  1. Hello, Can anyone recommend an all of the market broker who do not charge please?? Nic
  2. Thanks for the advice. They are still willing to lend however i have to come up with another 3k which i do not have so i have decided to pullout. Hopefully one day this will workout for me
  3. Hi Guys, Can i have some advice please? As you know, i am in the process of purchasing my first BTL flat. The banks valuers have been out and down valued the rent on the flat at £500 instead of 550-650 which was advised by 2 agents (there is a long term tenant in the property currently paying 500pcm who will be leaving by exchange of contracts. The flat could let straight away but i was planning to spruce it up a bit, fresh paint etc Thing is, I was hoping to get at least £600pcm for it. At £500 pcm its not really worth my while, after the mortgage,insurance,estate agent and accountant fees have been removed. Does anyone have experience with down valuation on the rent? What would you advise me please? Thanks Nic
  4. Thanks alot for your response, I read this many moons ago before investing and had forgotten about it. I have now re-read it thanks
  5. Hi Guys, Be gently this is my first BTL I am almost (within a few weeks) about to complete on my first BTL flat. I am just wondering how everyone pays their bills for their properties. I have set this up as a LTD company, therefore i have accountant fees, mortgage etc. I have set these to come out of my business bank account monthly, the rent also go into this account, is this the right way? Also, I live approx 40mins drive away from the property and not sure if to self manage or pay an agent to fully manage. As its my first one i am tempted to self manage to save money but equally I feel because its my first one i should get the agent to manage it which would be 9% of the monthly rent. Thanks for you thoughts and reading. Nic
  6. As its my first i am a bit sceptical, we have bought our own home in the past and agents have balently lied to us. So i have a trust issue with them especially the big ones. Kind Regards Nikki
  7. Hi Guys, I had an offer accepted on my first BTL flat. The agent has said the lease has 93years left which we are ok with, however before I appoint the solicitors I would like to see the lease myself to confirm the 93years the sellers have advised it is. The agent is saying my solicitor will eventually receive the lease when I ask to see it beforehand. Is it unreasonable to push back on this and press to view the lease beforehand? Thanks Nicole
  8. Hi Guys, Happy New Year I am looking for a BRRR project in the Liverpool area 1-3 bed. If anyone knows of any projects or you have one you like to get off your hands, please message me Kind Regards Nic
  9. HI Guys, I have made an offer on a flat and the agent haven't got back to me, its been nearly two weeks. I have chased most days and have been told, the agent dealing with it will call me back but they do not (its with Wards) I hate dealing with agents at the best of times, this is just making it worse, so just checking I am not being impatient. The seller is a housing association. I know things are taking longer in the current climate. I would like to move on and offer on something else as I feel I am being messed around Is anyone else experiencing this?
  10. Hi Guys, I need a bit of advice please I have viewed a property which I really liked, however the property is being marketed as a 3bed, In my view its really a 2bed and a study as the single room cannot fit a single bed. The measurement is 2.1m by 1.8m My question is, is there a minimum size for a bedroom? I looked this up on-line and the information is mixed. I would like to purchase this property as a flip but feel I will not be able to re-sell as a 3bed There isnt any room in the property to make the room bigger Thanks for your help Kind Regards Nic
  11. I use an extremely efficient solicitors, Blacks Solicitors in the midlands (I live in the South East) for my personal purchase, they are excellent however as Dino V and others above have said, the Solicitors wont be the problem.
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