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  1. Hi Guys, I need a bit of advice please I have viewed a property which I really liked, however the property is being marketed as a 3bed, In my view its really a 2bed and a study as the single room cannot fit a single bed. The measurement is 2.1m by 1.8m My question is, is there a minimum size for a bedroom? I looked this up on-line and the information is mixed. I would like to purchase this property as a flip but feel I will not be able to re-sell as a 3bed There isnt any room in the property to make the room bigger Thanks for your help Kind Regards Nic
  2. I use an extremely efficient solicitors, Blacks Solicitors in the midlands (I live in the South East) for my personal purchase, they are excellent however as Dino V and others above have said, the Solicitors wont be the problem.
  3. Thanks Julia, after some thought I think I might have a go setting things up using the wealth of information available on the internet
  4. Its quite simple as I am just starting out, however I want to get the set up right from the beginning, As this is not my area of expertise, I though I`d let the professionals do it.
  5. Thanks alot for you response
  6. Hello, Just wondering how everyone pays their accountant as I have been quoted £50.00 PCM. Is this advisable for someone just getting started? Or can I ask for a quote when I am ready to file at the end of the tax year? Which is more cost effective Kind Regards Nic
  7. Hello everyone, Can anyone recommend a good property renovation company based in Manchester please? for a refurb. Kind Regards Nic
  8. Hi Guys, I am looking for a builder to carry out a light refurb in Birmingham, can you recommend anyone/company please? Many thanks Nic
  9. I`ll PM you their details
  10. Hi Guys, I intend to purchase a property to flip in a few months, in my new company's name. I have had an introduction, conversation with a property accountant thats been recommended to me. The accountant has sent me 2 proposals below, I would appreciate some advice on this please 1. Do I need this at such early stage? I would like to have things right from the beginning, but not un-necessarily. 2. Is the cost appropriate for what being offered? 3. I currently have a FT job that I intend to keep for a little while, do I need the first proposal? (1) Personal tax return service £180.00 which covers the below Preparation of your Personal Tax Return Submission of your Tax Return to H M Revenue & Customs Advising you of payments due to H M Revenue & Customs (2) Proposal for the company at £40.00 per month Finance Assistant services - Production of Annual Accounts Based on the information being entered and reconciled in Xero accounting software package. This includes: Production of annual accounts & management information Production of abbreviated accounts for filing at Companies house Scheduling of your tax computation and mitigation of tax arising Maximising your tax efficiency and claiming all possible breaks on your behalf Access to our advice line Finance Assistant services - Corporation Tax Return Preparation and submission to HMRC of Corporate Tax Return – Self-Assessment. To assist you in your legal obligation to file an annual tax return with HM Revenue & Customs. This includes: Preparation of Corporation Tax Return Submission of Corporation Tax Return to H M Revenue & Customs Submission of accounts in iXBRL format to H M Revenue & Customs Advising you of payments due to H M Revenue & Customs Thanks for reading and for any advice Nic
  11. Hi Guys, I am looking to purchase a property to renovate in Stoke on Trent (cosmetic reno) and wondered if anyone could recommend a good building/reno company that I could use? Thanks for reading and responding Nikki
  12. For a forum that's supposed to be encouraging and building up each other MOST of the responses to this poor person post is like he's expected to fail. Jezz guys we are all in this together. Srikanth - NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE. If property investment was easy everyone would be doing it. As long as you've done your homework go for it. If one of your property is in the wrong area and you have to evict someone, so what! You will LEARN from that. There is nothing wrong with buying properties at the bottom end of the market if that's what you can afford. We can't all start at the top. All the best.