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  1. Thanks for responding Joe, We are in the same situation in terms of wanting to flip. We are currently living in our 1st flip which we have done really well on and have enjoyed the project. Thing is we now love it (i know, mistake no.1) because we did 90% of the work ourselves in within 7 months, we're now looking for ways to move on from this one without selling it. I am happy to meet up in Maidstone, hopefully, more people will come along soon Kind Regards
  2. Thanks TommyG. Yes! I know property hub hosts meetups as I attended the Maidstone meetup which got canceled permanently, suddenly a while ago, hence my posts. At the moment the nearest meetup to me is London, which, with a young family and living in Kent with a F/T job is a bit unrealistic. Thanks for responding
  3. Hi all, I am looking for like minded investors/ flippers too meet up in Rochester, maidstone area. Message me if interested
  4. HI Guys, I have a couple of questions and would appreciate any guidance and advice. Thanks in advance. Can someone please recommend a good property accountant. I am just starting out with flipping properties and need a good accountant. Thank you. Secondly, I have an investor who is going to team up with me (financially) on my project this person is an inlaw and I would like to have something legal drawn up so we are both clear. Can anyone recommend a good solicitor to draw up some contracts for us? how much should this roughly cost and is this something I can do myself? Thanks for reading Nicole
  5. Hi all, I am into flipping. I am now in a position where I can start looking at my second flip. ( Just building up my pot) I am thinking of Wolverhampton-dudley-sandwell area, property are cheap there and my financial pot is small, I plan to buy at auction, renovate and sell on. I just wanted to gather your thoughts on the areas. Please go easy on me I am new and learning
  6. hi All, Can anyone recommend a Property Business Plan Template I can use as a basis to create my own BP. I will be flipping properties. Thanks for reading
  7. Hello, Can anyone recommend a good " whole of the market" broker please? Kind regards
  8. Hi thanks for responding. The broker mentioned after me probing him, he wasn't very forth coming which worries me a bit. I haven't actually gone ahead ( i.e. I haven't actually paid the " go ahead" deposit. Im new to property, so had hoped the broker would tell me instead of me asking what actually happens.
  9. I am investigating taking out a secured loan against my property which i have alot of equity (this option is cheaper than a re-mortgage currently) the purpose of this is to clear some debts and purchase another property. My broker have advised that the solicitors may release the funds to my account or they might hold back the amount covering my outstanding debt which they will pay off for me if they withold the money. I have never heard of this, is this true?? Any advice would be appreciated Kind Regards
  10. Hello, Can anyone recommend a good property refurb company in Liverpool that carry out all aspects of property referb?? Kind Regards
  11. Hi All, Can anyone recommend a good/creative property accountant in the Southeast (kent)?? Thanks Nicole
  12. Hi Guys, Can anyone recommend a Property Business Plan Template I can use as a basis to create my own BP. I will be flipping properties. Thanks for reading
  13. We have just bought our first project after 5years of saving and dreaming and dreaming No bank of mom and dad, no help from friends, no magic, we saved it, with two small children while paying rent and we do not earn mega money. It's your dream and it all depends on how badly u want it. it's a complete mess. We are flippers, It need about 40k Reno we have so far spent 30k from a personal loan, cc, ect. It's hard work ( nothing worth it is easy) but we love it
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