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  1. As its my first i am a bit sceptical, we have bought our own home in the past and agents have balently lied to us. So i have a trust issue with them especially the big ones. Kind Regards Nikki
  2. Hi Guys, I had an offer accepted on my first BTL flat. The agent has said the lease has 93years left which we are ok with, however before I appoint the solicitors I would like to see the lease myself to confirm the 93years the sellers have advised it is. The agent is saying my solicitor will eventually receive the lease when I ask to see it beforehand. Is it unreasonable to push back on this and press to view the lease beforehand? Thanks Nicole
  3. Hi Guys, Happy New Year I am looking for a BRRR project in the Liverpool area 1-3 bed. If anyone knows of any projects or you have one you like to get off your hands, please message me Kind Regards Nic
  4. HI Guys, I have made an offer on a flat and the agent haven't got back to me, its been nearly two weeks. I have chased most days and have been told, the agent dealing with it will call me back but they do not (its with Wards) I hate dealing with agents at the best of times, this is just making it worse, so just checking I am not being impatient. The seller is a housing association. I know things are taking longer in the current climate. I would like to move on and offer on something else as I feel I am being messed around Is anyone else experiencing this?
  5. Hi Guys, I need a bit of advice please I have viewed a property which I really liked, however the property is being marketed as a 3bed, In my view its really a 2bed and a study as the single room cannot fit a single bed. The measurement is 2.1m by 1.8m My question is, is there a minimum size for a bedroom? I looked this up on-line and the information is mixed. I would like to purchase this property as a flip but feel I will not be able to re-sell as a 3bed There isnt any room in the property to make the room bigger Thanks for your help Kind Regards
  6. I use an extremely efficient solicitors, Blacks Solicitors in the midlands (I live in the South East) for my personal purchase, they are excellent however as Dino V and others above have said, the Solicitors wont be the problem.
  7. Thanks Julia, after some thought I think I might have a go setting things up using the wealth of information available on the internet
  8. Its quite simple as I am just starting out, however I want to get the set up right from the beginning, As this is not my area of expertise, I though I`d let the professionals do it.
  9. Hello, Just wondering how everyone pays their accountant as I have been quoted £50.00 PCM. Is this advisable for someone just getting started? Or can I ask for a quote when I am ready to file at the end of the tax year? Which is more cost effective Kind Regards Nic
  10. Hello everyone, Can anyone recommend a good property renovation company based in Manchester please? for a refurb. Kind Regards Nic
  11. Hi Guys, I am looking for a builder to carry out a light refurb in Birmingham, can you recommend anyone/company please? Many thanks Nic
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