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  1. Hi Harry, I've got a similar dilemma, albeit I'm earning less than you and a bit younger (22). But I was thinking about this the other day as well... If you are thinking about paying stamp duty etc. then I would suggest going for your house/home first. A £300k home with no stamp duty and then 3% on a BTL worth around £90k = £2,700. Also (and someone can correct me if I'm wrong), but isn't it that you only get stamp duty relief once for your 1st purchase of a home? So you might as well make the most of it. Because once you buy a BTL, you will always own 1 re
  2. Hi Joceline, I've Just found this thread, sat here and read it all from start to finish (while I should be sleeping), but your detailed updates just made me carry on reading! Not to mention everyone's detailed responses too. I'm looking forward to keeping up with you on this thread. I'm looking to start in property investing myself but I'm at the early (almost prehistoric) stage of saving up. Side note...I have dabbled with the spreadsheet for running the numbers on this website as I was curious about properties in my area. Turns out the ROCI of some of the random ones I picked are negli
  3. Hi MarshallSB, Have you settled on a name yet? As I know the last post was a couple of weeks ago. As a recent marketing graduate you get taught that the company name has to match with your core values etc. etc. etc. but I know this is easier said than done. I'm based in the midlands and work for a company called Pinewood, there's also Spire Lettings and I've seen Strada, TDS Estates and LimeLiving (among many more). So to be honest, it does help if you can incorporate your core values into it but this will be more incorporated into the branding and not necessarily the name, if t
  4. With capital growth acting in your favour you are technically still paying off an interest only mortgage too. So there's that. I always think that with the shortage of houses we have got and the minimum wage rising, there's only one way property prices and rents will go. And as long as that is happening, interest only mortgages should be fine.
  5. Hi everyone! I'm 22 and have just completed my Marketing degree at Sheffield Hallam University. I'm not going to lie, this is my first experience on a property forum like this (as I only discovered it today!). But it's been really interesting to hear from so many different people about their stories etc. and I'll definitely trying to spend more time here. I want to be a property investor myself in the future so I'm just trying to gain knowledge before I jump into it. So much to learn . The goal is to have around 5 BTL's by the time I'm 30. Quite an ambitious goal I feel because I
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