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  1. Bias I can handle. I'd just like to hear that side of the argument (which, let's face it, hasn't gone away - at least in the media) presented well.
  2. Slightly off-topic, and I'm also not trying to get into the rights or wrongs, but can anyone recommend a book that makes the case for remain well? Pre referendum preferably.
  3. Just wanted to take the opportunity to publicly thanks Tamas for being such a decent sort and giving me a lot of assistance on this. Oh, and to belatedly like his post!
  4. The type of shop is definitely important; takeaways and off licences will be off-putting to some potential tenants and may well be looked on unfavourably by lenders.
  5. Hi all, I have a Hungarian property, which I rather foolishly bought in the mid-noughties. Maybe one day I'll write a book on all the things that went wrong, and why I wouldn't recommend it! I've been unable to sell it, and having negotiated with the lender for us both to basically cut our losses a deal has been agreed. My problem is, I need a Hungarian lawyer to act for me as well as a Hungarian "delivery agent" as much of the paperwork (which was previously dual-language) is now coming solely in Hungarian! I'm not sure if they can be one and th
  6. The 18-year property cycle suggests we're in a "mid-cycle wobble". Check out the podcasts on the topic: click here, here and here...
  7. Sounds like a bloody cheek! Are they coming to you first because they think you're more likely to be able to afford to pay it?! I don't know the rights or wrongs and can't give you any definitive advice, but I certainly wouldn't be making it easy for them. On a slightly related topic, I know a couple of people who were overpaid benefits, somewhere over £1000 each I think, but they never had to pay it back because it wasn't their fault and they could prove they'd provided all the correct info. It just got written off. Anyway, best of luck.
  8. I don't think it's the same type of market. Broadly speaking, I would assume that banks will treat every limited company, and every proposition, differently based on the individual business case.
  9. Hi Howie, Let us know how you get on with Audible. I dont really read ebooks too much these days (I've gone backwards and prefer a physical copy) but when I looked at Kindle Unlimited, it didn't seem that there was a huge amount I'd want to read on there. I think I'd end up reading something for the sake of it rather than just picking exactly what I wanted... and I have a big enough to-do reading list! I do pretty well second-hand on Amazon, and get a lot of stuff for £2.81 or not much more. Amazon seem to have avoided the Netflix/Spotify approach - pay mo
  10. Doesn't sound good. Personally, I'd cut my losses and get it back on the market. Deals collapse all the time for a variety of reasons, and chains are especially vulnerable. If you don't pull out, someone else likely will anyway. If you insist on 28 days, how likely are you to get it? It'll be nearly Christmas at that stage. An early chat with your purchaser might tell you if they would be prepared to complete and eg move into rented accommodation for a while but they have to know you're serious. It's not your fault, and you can't reasonably be expected to wait almost a year t
  11. I use Downcast on iOS, the native Apple one is dreadful and it's well worth a couple of quid. Agree with you about Audible, I don't really get why you are limited. One book a month would be nowhere near enough for me. Best, Lee
  12. As above. Lack of usable kitchen or bathroom is quite common. Also, Japanese knotweed, vandalism. Repossessions often suffer a lot of damage. I know of one where the owner took the stairs out and sold them before the bank took it back!
  13. OK fair enough. I'm still guessing a bit, but if someone said that to me I'd think they meant it's the ceiling price if all went well.
  14. Nah, I read it as "120 is a bit toppy", like it's too expensive at that. A bit too much. Could be wrong though as I didn't get the context and I never heard it said exactly as you wrote it.
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