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  1. That's the opinion that I took. It's quicker to find a good property, than a good sourcer!
  2. Are you talking about unlicensed HMOs? Because without a license, you are limited in the number of people you are allowed in your property In a lot of local authorities, there is now a complete ban on new HMOs. So called Article 4 directions Also. Where does he find properties that are suitable for HMOs? I can't believe he would pay to convert a property that he doesn't own
  3. Definitely revise your offer to £135k to match the valuation. I would be weary about asking for a £22k discount, because you asking to buy the price for less than your own valuation. You wish annoying the seller and killing the deal
  4. Rent to rent looks like a lot of work, for not a lot of money. It's attractive because you don't need a deposit to do it, so people think it's a way to enter property investment without money. What's more, there are loads of courses that promise the same. My Youtube is full of people telling me how I can make £5,000 per month from property, without a deposit. If the courses owner was earning £5k/month from rent to rent, then they wouldn't have any time to produce the course! I think people are better off saving money inside a help to buy isa, and using that as a deposit on a property
  5. Be persistent x1000%. When you read business success stories, it seems so easy. When you do it yourself, it seems impossible! Problems come up, it takes time and you think you'll never succeed. It's not easy to motivate yourself on a Saturday afternoon, to work on your side hustle. Especially when money isn't coming in yet. I wrote an article that talks about this
  6. Finding good deal sourcers isn't easy. So many people go on courses, and are told that you don't need to deposits to be a property investor. Just source deals for others! Hence 90% of deal sources really don't don't have a clue. Most sources simply forward properties from estate agent listings. Also, be weary of sourcers that offer 'hands off BRRRR' deals. If that person knows how to do a BRRRR, then they're not going to do all the work for you, for a small fee
  7. A loft conversion will make you money over time, as you will have a bigger property I think it all comes down to what you need personally. If you need extra space to live, you will need to pay for it, one way or another
  8. Debt Collection and Money Claim are your best bets. As you don't have her address, I would go for the debt collection. They would use public information to track her down
  9. I think there is nothing wrong with your investment, but your expectations are askew. You would need to be very fortunate to see capital growth over 2 years, let alone 2 years during a pandemic I believe that property prices in Liverpool have increased over the past 2 years. It been one of the best performing locations in the UK But it's not as simple as sitting at home and watching your property grow in value every month. You do need to be patient
  10. You have two choices: - Hit the asking price - Invest somewhere else You cant force someone to sell their property to you
  11. I think it's a good thread to see what landlords are really thinking. If you read blogs, you would think that we are all doing HMOs and chasing yields
  12. I agree 100% with these sentiments. As a landlord, I want passive income. I don't want to create stress in my life, by arguing over small sums of money A lot of landlords have empty properties right now
  13. Hi. The questions you are asking are pretty common. There isn't always a clear cut answer to each of your questions 1. You are correct on CGT on property sales. With regards to rental income, you tax calculation is more complex, due to section 24. I wrote an explanation article here, and it contains a simple worked example of the tax you pay 2. To bein with, owning property through a limited company will be more expensive. Accounting costs are higher, and you get taxed twice (taxed on the profits and taxed to take money out the company). Once you have scale, then taxes can be lower i
  14. I think your idea is pretty solid. If you buy a residential property to live in, then you pay no stamp duty as a 1st time buyer. If your 1st property is a buy to let, then you lose your status as a 1st time buyer Manchester is heavily favoured by the two Robs. You're unlikely to lose money if your invest there. I have no idea about Warrington You would need to speak to a mortgage broker about whether you can get funding. Ideally, you want to show some income on your tax return. It just makes you look dodgy otherwise
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