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  1. Is it ok if I ask why you want to do that? It sounds like a horrible thing to do if you ask me. You'll end up having to deal with any minor issue each tenant has
  2. I agree with you, but people do it all of the time
  3. These days, it's probably easier to get a BTL mortgage for your 1st property, than it is for your 10th. The more BTL properties you have, lenders view you as a riskier borrower ("portfolio landlord"). In terms of experience, that isn't important in my view. Everyone is a BTL landlord these days. It's not difficult. Lenders know that
  4. In England, we don't have similar issues. The laws are the same all over the country Scotland has a devolved parliament, and there are different rules there
  5. There are lots of agreements online that you can edit. Lots of people do this
  6. What you are describing is the exact definition of gazumping. It's one of the biggest issues in the UK property market. I had a friend that was gazumped on the day of exchange of contracts You're always free to reject this offer if you aren't happy with it
  7. The average mortgage term is 25 years. It is possible that property prices won't go up in the next 25 years. But it is unlikely If you really think that property prices won't rise in the next 25 years, then property may not be right for you
  8. You need to speak to as many mortgage brokers as possible, and hope that one of them has a mortgage for you
  9. Hi Bob. I would definitely go for interest only (nearly all investors do). The biggest risk to an investor is not having enough cashflow at the end of the month, to meet your mortgage payments. With regards to the repayment of capital, inflation and leverage are your friends. I wrote an article on interest only vs capital repayment - it's only a 5 minute read. I explain why interest only is actually safer than capital repayment With your investment, don't forget about your other costs, such as insurance, letting agent fees, maintenance and void periods
  10. I'm not sure you did anything wrong here. £2,200 won't define whether or not your investment is a success I don't get surveys done because they are expensive! If I spend £500-£1,000 on a survey for every property, the that will probably hurt my bottom line more than dealing with a problem like yours. However, I do check the condition of the sockets and look at the skirting boards Sometimes, you need to take things like this on the chin..
  11. Yes you can, but you need to speak to a good mortgage broker. They will go through your credit record, and see if they can find a deal for you My advice is to speak to a few brokers. Not all brokers can find you a decent deal
  12. Thx! Let us know how the application goes From my understanding, the market is getting better. But it's good to hear what is happening to other people
  13. Hi Sam, definitely speak to a good mortgage broker. They will have done lots of applications, and know which lender is best for your personal situation I wrote an article on the different ways you can finance your property purchase. Life isn't just about mortgages!
  14. I wouldn't worry about receiving the odd mortgage rejection. It might just be that the underwriter is having a bad day. Or they have their internal guidelines that you fall foul of. A good mortgage broker should be able to find an appropriate lender for your circumstance
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