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  1. Since the fixed term came to an end in December 2017. The contract has rolled onto a periodic tenancy therefore the tenants are required to give notice In accordance with the usual provision, which is a month, I am correct to say this? My tenant is saying that they have spoken to citizens advice & they’re saying as the contract runs out in December. But they never signed another contract. It was just verbal conversation I had with them saying the contract would go into a rolling month. They are saying they don’t have to give notice or pay another month as they paid a month upfront
  2. I’ve just brought the audio copy ‘How to Be a Landlord’ just wondered if anyone could share the link so I can register the book to get the free extras! Thanks Helen
  3. x3hph


    Hi can anyone share a consent GDPR Standard form for me to ask my tenants to sign? I’ve joined the the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). I only rent 3 property’s. I have already asked my tenants verbally if alright to keep their details which all have agreed to but I wanted to confirm in writing too. Please any help/forms would be great. Thank you Helen
  4. If you can’t find your EPC click on the link below just put your postcode in there https://www.epcregister.com/reportSearchAddressByPostcode.html
  5. Thanks Paul and Tim for your replies. The current ECP Is E rating which my tenants do have a copy which was in 2015. Since that ECP was done I have installed a new combi boiler, and rads have LED lighting throughout the house, new shower room. So I have done already a lot of improvements. So even if the tenants are long term and you are not going to give them a new rent agreement do you still have to supply a new ECP? Thanks again for your advice.
  6. Just wondering if you have long term tenants in a property and the EPC will be 10 years old in March 2018. Do you have get another one done or wait till they leave and then get a new one. As was thinking they have to be renewed every 10 years? Thanks Helen
  7. Tenant Check I have tenants which have rented a house from me over the last 2 years, they have always paid rent on time, never given me any problems. I need this house back. Just need some advice. I need to do credit checks for a difference house that they are happy to move into, as I have taken out landlords legal Protection insurance. They have a small child, mum only works 8 hours a week so only a small income, dad has a good job, but a bad credit score. He his father is happy to be a guarantor. Also the rent agreement would need to have the guarantor tied in to it. I have phoned
  8. Just a update the tenants moved out last Friday, so didn't have to take them to court. Thanks for your advice.
  9. Have you ever filled the forms in yourself online or do you always use solicitors? https://www.gov.uk/evicting-tenants/accelerated-possession-orders Text is copied from gov.uk below You can use the accelerated possession service if your tenants have not left by the date specified in your Section 21 notice and you’re not claiming rent arrears. This is sometimes quicker than applying for a standard possession order and there’s usually no court hearing. This service costs £355. Your tenants have 14 days to challenge the application, from the date they receive it. What happens if the tenant
  10. I have given tenants section 21 6A through solicitors. Since it has ran out few weeks ago I have given the couple extra time to find somewhere to move to. They had been offered a place through, think it was Bromford housing but they turned it down saying it was to far away from where they want to live. They have paid rent arrears in full now, but I still want them to leave. It's really hard as she was a friend, she is pulling on my heart strings. What I'm asking have other people gone through this? How much time to give them before I start to issue possession proceedings, I had a quote whi
  11. I'm new on here, would be interested in meeting up in Birmingham. Let me know Helen
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