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  1. Hello, I am after some advice in relation to mortgaging a property I am buying for cash. I am due to complete on a flat in March and the terms of the purchase require me to buy in cash. I want to get a BTL mortgage for 75% of the value as soon as possible after the purchase. When should I apply and are there any potential pitfulls with doing this that people may have experienced? Many thanks
  2. For accounting software which will take care of most of it I cannot recommend Xero highly enough. There is also an add on app called Re-Leased: http://re-leased.com/ Haven't tried it yet but plan to, both are on cloud, use Xero for my own business and love it, you can get live bank feeds, it will do your accounts and you can separate transactions by 'site' ie property. Makes it easy to claim all your expenses too
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