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  1. Just out of interest do you know whether a ltd co can offset legal, accountancy costs against profit?
  2. Hi guys, Tried searching for a rate my deal thread but cannot seem to find anything. Anywho, would welcome feedback on this deal I am putting together. 2 Bed, 2 Bath Flat in Warrington in a purpose build block (built around 25 years ago) Approx 0.75m from the station Current Monthly rent £520 Service charge/Ground rent = £80 125 years left on lease Purchase Price: £78.5k = 7.9% yield Feedback appreciated - be as candid as possible!
  3. Hi guys, Doing some research for my first BTL & looking at some areas around Manchester; specifically the Fallowfield/Levenshulme/Burnage area. Looking on right move it seems that whilst the area has experienced growth in price, house prices seem to have doubled or tripled in the last 10-15 years whilst flats have lost anywhere from 10-30% of their value! Obviously this is a generalization but I found this puzzling. Why are houses so much more in demand than flats? From listening to the podcast Rob ² I know they have not shied away from flats if there is an opp. Could
  4. Hi guys, I own a 1 bed in Wimbledon which I bought last year as a FTB, next year my mortgage will be up for renewal and I am thinking of the best way to make the most of my investment. I am currently saving for a BTL in Manchester (where I am from) which I aim to purchase in 2018. I set myself a budget of >£125k so to avoid stamp duty. Currently around 10% of the way to getting the desired 25% deposit. I was considering whether it would be worth mortgaging next year to free up some funds so I can invest in my next place. The flat in Wimbledon will have increased in value so ther
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