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  1. Hi Anne, can I get the plumbers details please?
  2. Try contacting Business Loss Prevention Ltd to help in recovering the lost rent.
  3. Also worth looking at a company called Business Loss Prevention Ltd. Based in the midlands and will recover your lost rent. They also offer a tracing service for when your tenants do not leave a forwarding address! www.business-loss-prevention.co.uk
  4. My thoughts are that it sounds like it was the tenants choice to vacate for a week. It also sounds like you may have a written record of your dialogue with the tenant which is great, as this allows you to demonstrate you kept the tenant in the loop. I would suggest stating that you will discuss any payment at the end of the tenancy when the Deposit is being sorted out. This way you buy some time and defer the issue to the end of the tenancy. Then if the weeks rent is disputed when you agree what % of the deposit your keeping and what your paying back to the tenant, let it go to arbitration a
  5. Anyone else starting to see more and more on the subject of the FIRE movement: Financial Independence Retire Early? Mixed thoughts on this personally, as I think you need to balance living your life vs. sorting yourself out financially for when you retire. Interested to find out what other Hubbers make if this? FIRE can be described as: [Credit Wikipedia] The FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early) movement is a lifestyle movement with the goal of gaining financial independence and retiring early. The model became particularly popular among millennials in the 2010s, gaining t
  6. Hi Ben, you are on my list of contractors and you actually did a 5 year electrical inspection / certificate fairly recently for me, so thanks for that. It’s good to know local investors, so if you ever fancy ‘chewing the fat’ and talking over future plans with another Derby based investor let me know. Cheers
  7. So, looking highly likely, that I will not achieve my 2020 goal which was simply to add 1 further property to my portfolio as part of my 10 year plan. Not for want of trying mind!!! COVID has made and continues to make things a lot more challenging and now as many other Hubbers have reported, since restrictions have eased, the market has gone crazy with people paying over the odds for many properties that are on the market. Like others, I am now holding my cash in the hope of a dip in the second or third quarter of next year, so looks like a will fail to meet my 2020 goal. Frustrating to be h
  8. I also have a similar situation, although not so much of a big gap with rent being £490 and £525 being the recommended amount for the property by a local letting agent. I often wonder if I am doing the right thing, but I have decided to leave the rent alone in favour of a tenant who always pays the rent on time and looks after the property. That said, I do not currently have the dilemma of stress test to think about which may result in me changing my mind! Hope you reach a decision soon and the outcome works for you. Cheers Matt
  9. Hi Ben, do you also have rental houses in the Derby area?
  10. Not in my opinion no. In fact from my experience and others, this is normally the time agents let you down the most and tell you it’s something you have to sort out yourself. If you lose or have lost rent try contacting business-loss-prevention.co.uk
  11. My understanding is that it is for multiple purchases. Contact HMRC as I think this will be a mistake on their part.
  12. Hi - good point on the inventory and yes I would want a copy. References - probably not much point to my mind as the tenants have already moved in and have a signed AST.
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