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  1. Your best better will be to contact a specialist broker for bridging
  2. As Conrad said I would have a read over the lease. Normal you would expect the freeholder to arrange insurance for the block so I would also get your solicitors to make contact and hear what they have to say.
  3. Although you would have less lenders willing to lend to you if you do not own a home there are still lenders out there you can go to. I bought my first BTL without owning a home so it is possible. Best thing to do is speak to a good broker.
  4. As Julia said Zoopla's valuations aren't the greatest so I wouldn't use it as a benchmark. You could either look at what properties in the area have sold for using Rightmove or Zoopla or you could call local estate agents and pose the question (it is good to call a few to get an average).
  5. Jorin23


    Congrats on completing on the 1st BTL. As well as attending meetups you should be able to find answers to a lot of questions you may have on the forum, the podcast and also the online resources. Hope all goes well!
  6. It is good you are getting going however if the price the seller wants is truly higher than the market value I would advise against it as ideally you do want a buffer in case you ever needed to sell
  7. Hi Liz, I think it does depend on your situation and your long term goals (which is the most important thing to consider) once you are clear on this it should be easier for you to make a decision
  8. Hi Shaun, you more have less landlords willing but that is not to say you will not be able to find something as long as everything else checks out. Let it be known if you plan to stay just for the 12 months or if you plan to stay longer also explain how you plan to pay the following 12 months. Kem
  9. I like the creativity it has given me some ideas! I have shared the same frustrations although I'm sure lenders do have their reasons. I hope it all goes well for you.
  10. Hi PMC79, To echo what both Alex and Julia said I think you will be fine. I currently own a ground floor flat and I have noticed it does appeal more to older tenants who don't want to be travelling up and down a flight stairs on daily basis. Ultimately if it is in a good area with good fundamentals you should not have an issue renting it out. All the best with it!
  11. I would also recommend having voids and maintenance separate so you can see the true cost. At least in the first year factor in a month's void period (8.33%) to account for the property being vacant between the time you complete and when you eventually get someone in. I always then leave an additional 5 - 10% for maintenance depending on the property.
  12. I would recommend trying this meeting Nikki if you are looking to network with other flippers/investors. I've been quite a few times and like it because most people are there to also network as oppose to sell you something.
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