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  1. Please allow me to introduce myself, I’m a man who wants wealth at haste. I’ve been around for a long long year, Middle aged around the waist. Pleased to meet you. You won’t know my name, Or what property things I do But what I hope is puzzling you. Is the nature of my game …. So if the above means little to you, you are more likely to be a newbie and less interested in this blog...you may you have stopped reading already. However, if you heard music while you read, this could be of interest. It will also be worth continuing if you aspire to achieve financ
  2. Hi Darren is right and my comments are unfortunately a more harsh reinforcement of his. The cash flows are shocking and the returns are far too marginal. There is lots of excellent advice on this site as to what you should expect in terms of yield and return on investment. If your portfolio is nowhere close to these numbers then you are gambling on capital appreciation. I would take a self critical view of your existing portfolio and make sure you understand why you are not getting significantly better returns on your existing properties. It might be beneficial to fix this before exp
  3. Hi All, I have been tracking 2 bed flats vs 2 bed houses in my area for the last 10 years. In 2006 a desirable flat was about the same price as a house with a garden in a decent area. This seemed an anomaly and it might not be surprising to learn that when prices fell during the late 2000's, flats were hit disproportionately harder. The above isn't meant to be pro or against flats. The insight is that the stage in the property cycle, should have a bearing on your view at any given time.
  4. Hi Oli, Thanks for your comments...much appreciated. I have been reading some case law (v.sad, I know). Conclusion is that I will engage with the Freeholder as suggested. This is the only way to ensure certainty. PS I have read the Askanarchitect blog and wanted to recommend it to anyone who reads this post. On behalf of anyone who is getting benefit from your efforts but not saying so...THANX
  5. Hi... a call for advice from any wise Property Hubber.. My property strategy is buy to sell. I have purchased a very small top floor studio flat which has an attic for storage. The property is in poor condition but is perfect to be developed into a very affordable first home. I am in the process of building a reputation for bringing excellent condition, affordable properties to market. It is important that this relatively small development doesn't compromise my reputation. The property is leasehold and so I understand that if I were to get a conventional loft extension I would
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