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  1. I started a thread regarding furniture rental - my main reasoning behind it being that I have heard a lot of talk about how successful this approach is when wanting to make a quick sale.The Americans are experts in furniture rental its a go to method for them. I guess I just really want to know if anyone has any past experience? From the research I have done so far, it will allow me to fully furnish my property and make it buyer ready in no time at all. I found these landlord furniture packages: http://www.roomservicebycort.com/property-marketing/dress-let Seems as though I may be tied into it for some time, really do not want to commit to anything that people on here would not support? All advice welcomed and needed!
  2. I am very much new to the property world but trying my best to gather as much useful information as possible. I am incredibly short of time and have little eye for attention to detail so was looking into furniture rental services. I'm looking in advance to get a full idea of costings. Any recommendations or past experience it would be great to hear from you, thanks. I nobody does, perhaps I could send you the information I have found so far and get some expert feedback back from you guys.
  3. Sounds as though your agent has let you down here, you have battle with both tenant and agency on your hands. They should have carried out regular inspections and covered all referencing throughout the tenants contract. I totally agree with both Paul and Tim, begin to gather quotes this is the first pro-active step to take.
  4. Any progress on this situation? Did the seller manage to find another property to move into?
  5. Great to know! I would also be very interested in the 'keyword alert' facility, would be great to have certain interest triggers based on new content and topics.
  6. Hi Francesco, great to meet you albeit over the internet. Brighton is fantastic, great to hear you have two properties down here, are they Edwardian? I don't suppose your are leasing to the huge number of students we have living in the city? I look forward to getting to know you better.
  7. I saw The Big Short recently and I agree what an incredible film. The acting was sublime. I had read the book previous and wasn't disappointed.
  8. I feel as though it needs a spring clean, the idea for the perfect property is certainly there but the decor lets it down ever so slightly...
  9. As an older gent it's really important I keep myself both mentally and physically healthy. My children are always saying I need to do more to stay fit, apparently golfing isn't quite enough. As i'm pretty much retired now and only working on my personal side projects, I plan to do more with my wife we are going to try and get away at least once every two months. I live in Brighton but rarely see the sea, I am now making and effort to go and walk along the seafront every day. I also want to complete the huge selection of books on my to do list.
  10. Internet security is huge, several years back I invested in a Cyber security internet company, it was a big leap but one I certainly do not regret. Now with more time on my hands me and my wife are becoming more and more interested in property.
  11. Hi Grant, I am currently not using an app that has all of the above requirements however, I am aware of the following: Mint ( this does connect to your bank account), Pocket Guard and You Need A Budget. Hope this helps - let me know how you get on!
  12. Jeff Nevil

    Day jobs?

    I have had the privileged of having numerous different roles throughout my life, I have taught both primary and secondary students - this really taught me the importance of sharing knowledge and how to be a positive leader. Since I have invested in several internet companies and I write for a living. With more free time on my hands I'm extremely keen to embark on the world of property investment...
  13. You need to pick a name that brings together both your core values and your own/your business characteristics. What is unique about you? It may well be that you want yourself to be very present therefore initials would work well. They do say a strong name is always simple. I recommend also considering how it will work in your domain name, you want it to be easy to type when people are searching for you...
  14. Hello everyone, I'm a newbie here. The name is Jeff, I'm a Brighton resident home to some of England's most grand and beautiful Edwardian properties. A little about myself, I am a father, writer, golfing enthusiast, hugely interested in current affairs and new but hugely enthusiastic about the property market. I'm here to hopefully gain knowledge from the experts and converse about topics that I feel strongly about. I look forward to getting to know you all.
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