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    Wigan, Lancs.
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    Buy-to-Let for retirement purposes.
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    All IT - Nothing that will transfer easily to property investment.
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    To achieve £2,500 - £3,000 per month of passive income, within 15 years.
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    Wigan Rugby, kickboxing.

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  1. Hi all. We are finally at the "money is about to be made available to start up our company" phase, so I am looking for recommendations for a good (preferably great) property specialist accountant near me. Ideally, this would be around the Leigh area of Greater Manchester, but anywhere with 10-15 miles, so Wigan, Warrington, Manchester are all in there. I am pretty certain on the Limited Company route, as I already pay higher-rate tax, but have a LOT of questions about how to set it up for the best protection/lowest tax-liability, director's loans (both makin
  2. Hi Pero. Whilst I am completely new to all this (not even got my first property - Yet), I am just West of Manchester, near Leigh and would like to welcome you to the boards. Good luck with your future endeavours. Regards Craig
  3. Thanks ever so much, Noel. That is a truly inspiring tale. I am starting to (maybe) lean toward either the studio flat or even the 2-bed terrace around Wigan/Leigh, which a quick look at Rightmove today told me are still available at around £40k in a reasonable area (£25k in slightly less desirable areas). I am still absolutely torn on which route to take (LHA/private), but your story has given me hope of being able to at least make a start (and no doubt a few mistakes). ;-) Thank you again for your inspiration and encouragement. Craig
  4. Hi all. Just a quick introduction. I am 45 years old, been working my entire life, and have no (that's right - zero) pension provision right now. I had a "plan" to use the equity in the house that my wife and I upgraded to 2 years ago, but I always had something nagging at the back of my mind (not my wife, I hasten to add) ;-) Anyway, I stumbled upon a US podcast, after seeing a load of house-flipping programs all over the TV, but really struggled to relate their tactics to the UK market. Luckily, I also then stumbled upon Rob & Rob's podcast, and I've been soaking up
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