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  1. Hi Anthony, Thanks so much for taking the time to reply. I'll have a read of the info you linked to and discuss with the other leaseholder. I'll be in contact with you when we need some legal assitance Thanks once again Phil
  2. Hi all, Hope you can help! I own a leasehold flat with a remaining lease term of 84 years. Myself and the other leasehold flat owner would like to buy the freehold. The management company that currently own the freehold want to charge us a fee just to get a quote to buy the freehold - is this normal? And if so, is there a 'fair' price to be aware of? The flat is based in Kent, can anyone recommend a good solicitor to deal with the lease extension? Thanks very much in advance Ohil
  3. Hi all, Really hope someone can provide some guidance here. My greedy freeholder wants to charge me £130 for our sublet. Fortunately, I listened to episode 228 the day after receiving the letter from them and was encouraged to hear Rob thoughts that this was outrageous and a fair price would be £40. I printed off the template provided and sent it off to the freeholder. Last week, I got a response (attached). Basically they're saying they're well within their rights to charge what they want and quote some other cases where similar
  4. Thank you all for your responses, very helpful and much appreciated. Richard Brown - option 2 is what I had stumbled upon recently. Due to a period of aggressive growth within my ecommerce business (that is likely to last for the next 12-18 months) I don't have the spare resources to invest in property myself. Although this is my long term aim and is something I will continue to build on when I can. This is why I was investigating other options and the scenario you laid out in option 2 does sound interesting. I found an ebook on the subject a few weeks and then watched a webinar (w
  5. Hi all! Hope everyone is doing well. Avid listener of the podcast, LOVE property but can't seem to get past 1 rental property. I own 2 flats (I live in one and rent out the other) and run an e-commerce business. Nearly all spare cash I have is being put back into my growing online business so my property investment has faltered somewhat over the past 12-18 months. When I say faltered, I mean not gone anywhere! Recently, I've been spending my free time investigating other options (other than buying properties myself to rent out) and stumbled upon something c
  6. Hi all! I hope to get some feedback from you guys and girls, my brother and his wife could do with some advice. His wife owns 3 flats, 2 are rented and they live in one at the moment. They've outgrown it so want to buy a house - They could afford to buy their ideal home now if they sell all the flats but instead, they want to buy a 'temporary' house now (which will mean selling one of the flats) and then buy their ideal home in 2 years. it'll mean about £35k of stamp duty on the temp house and at least another £45k for their ideal home in 2 years. They don't want to sell the flats becaus
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