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    I'm just starting out on my property journey but I'm looking to grow my portfolio quickly. Keen to speak to people who have set up portfolios in the north (especially if based elsewhere) but also people with experience in refurbs and HMOs. I'm interested in setting up a mastermind group too. My biggest blocker at the moment is time so I'm also open to JVs or working with sourcers.
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    Straight BTLs, refurb and recycle, HMOs.
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    Unfortunately I don't work in the industry as my day job, but I have done a hell of a lot of research and I’m ready to crack on.
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    Eventually achieve the ultimate goal of giving up the day job and living off my passive income from property.

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  1. Hi Ben, I’ve just stumbled across this post and I’m interested to know how you’ve been getting on? cheers
  2. Hi Rob, I’ve also looked at HMOs in Hull but have been warned off by a few estate agents I’ve spoken too as the market is saturated at the moment. Like Steve says, tread carefully. Cheers
  3. Can’t recommend https://www.cavendishsurveying.co.uk/ enough. Keith is an excellent surveyor.
  4. I recommend speaking to a broker because you don’t know what you don’t know. Try Simon Allen at Searchlight Finance. He knows his stuff.
  5. Hi James, Just thought I'd chip in as I'm in a similar position to you and I'm currently going through the pros and cons of each option. Happy to chat through if you're still in the same position? Cheers, Paul
  6. Hi Ben, Just come across this post and interested to know what you decided to do? Cheers Paul
  7. Thanks James, they've said there's not much chance but for £34 I just wondered whether people thought it was worth it for the peace of mind?
  8. Hi guys, Can anyone tell me if this is a standard policy and whether I should/should not take it out. I've been offered one for £34 on a property I'm buying so keen to get your thoughts. Thanks
  9. Hi everyone, I'm looking to set up a mastermind group and wondered if anyone is interested in joining. If you don't know what a mastermind group is, it's a regular (online) meeting for about 6-8 people to check in and discuss each others goals and progress, to ask questions and gather advice. The idea is that you'll achieve your goals quicker because you'll commit to the next steps in each meeting, and if you haven't done them you'll be held accountable (in a friendly way) by the other group members. I am part of a mastermind group through my work and it's a very effective way to make progress. To get the most from it I'm looking for people with different; skillsets, levels of experience and location knowledge. The meetings will be online so it doesn't matter where you'll be based but you will need to be able to commit regularly at least once a month. To give you a little bit of background about me... I'm starting out my property portfolio journey so it's very early stages but I'm looking to grow it fairly rapidly as I've spent the last 12-18 months doing a lot of research and getting into a solid position financially to be able to invest in 3-5 properties in the next year or two. I don't work in the property so I haven't got any specific industry knowledge but I am very organised, a good facilitator and will make sure these sessions are worthwhile and fun for everyone involved. I also have a good knowledge of Hull, Leeds and London and do a lot of research on forums, podcasts etc. If you're interested please send me a message or add to the thread here with your background, what your goals are, where you're based and what you could add to the group. Hopefully we can get this going soon! Thanks, Paul
  10. Hi there, I'm looking to speak to people who have started property portfolios in the North of England. I'm from Hull originally and still regularly go back there because my family are still there. I'm interested in that area but also the rest of Yorkshire and the North West. I'm in the process of trying to work out which strategy would be best for me as I live in London but I'm ready and able to invest in 2 to 3 properties in the next 12 - 18 months. I'm particularly interested in speaking to people who have done refurbs, HMOs, multiple property portfolios, investing in areas they don't live in, or all of the above. Thanks in advance!
  11. Hi there, I'm looking for a specialist property tax advisor in Hull or the surrounding area. Thanks in advance for your help!
  12. Hi Allan, I'll be doing this myself and have got sound advice from my mortgage advisor, Simon Kipling at East Riding Finance - skipling@eastridingfinance.com - drop him a line.
  13. Hi there, I'm looking for a specialist property tax advisor in Hull or the surrounding area. Thanks in advance for your help!
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