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  1. Thanks @Alvin My long term goal is to have property portfolio and generate good passive income. I am newbie but can see BRR strategy is good way to generate money as long as correct purchase of property and overall condition of it.
  2. @julia urquhart Thanks a lot for your advice. 40k is my deposit + any other expense and hoping to get first property around 150K-175K I will focus more on local area (Slough/Maidenhead) + residential property as many experienced investors suggested earlier. Any handful tips where I get balanced capital growth and rental yield ?
  3. Dear Forum MembersI have started my search for BTL property at Manchester / Liverpool area. This will be my first BTL. I live near greater London.Can anyone share their experience on1) Specific postcodes to buy2) Rental demand3) Is Salford good for an investment area 4) HMO vs traditional residential property 5) Is it better to invest near flat near London considering long term rental demand and capital growth ? 6) Risk of investing into HMO as first BTL