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  1. Hi all, I am just starting out in the property game, and in the middle of completing on two single let BTL properties. The position I now find myself in is that my savings have run dry. I am now looking at OPM, and buying BMV in order to add value to refinance or flip to get the JV's money back to them. As I am just starting out, I would like to know if there are any reputable builders around the Manchester area that will be able to project manage and complete work in a timely manner. I am looking to get a great team together now so that when the right BMV deal comes along I can move q
  2. Hi all, I am relatively new to this business. I am just about to complete on my first BTL single let property in Salford, Manchester. I am also in the midst of securing another similar single let BTL property within the same area in Salford. Both of these properties are on 75% interest only mortgage and 25% deposit, from my savings, with return on capital on my cash investment and initial costs of 19% per property. My savings pot has now run dry, however I am looking to continue with the momentum of purchasing property and hope to acquire others using other people's money. I am hopin
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