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  1. Thanks for your time Dennis .Sorry my question was so vague . I have found a property which is close to where i live and i have the capital so no time pressure for loan repayments etc . I have also planned for 35 hours per week to dedicate to to the project . The question was supposed to be about how to start up as a business . Can i just flip the property and pay income tax on the profit ? Is there a different way of doing it ?
  2. Good morning everyone , 12 months ago a decided to make property investment my full time day job but couldn't bring myself to quit my 9 - 5 .I will soon become the main carer for a dementia sufferer so now is the time to make the move as i need to be flexible with my time .I intend to refurb and flip to start with and do the majority of the work myself and use tradesmen where necessary .I would be extremely grateful for any information or suggestions to help me decide the best way to go about it .
  3. Thanks for your time Vicky , I'll message him now .
  4. Hi Everyone , i'm in need of some in depth tax advice about refurbishing and selling property as i am thinking of leaving my day job and going into property full time . Can anybody recommend someone in or around the Liverpool / Southport area ?
  5. Hi everybody, I am looking to raise finance against my house as I don't have a mortgage on it so I can purchase a small property to refurb and sell on .what are my options . any advice would be much appreciated . thanks shaun .
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