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  1. Hello jj_investor, I have arranged mortgages for a number of expat client, happy to assist. Kind regards, Orla
  2. I would suggest a third option of a second charge loan on one of your Buy to Let properties. This is a good option if you would have high early repayments on your buy to let mortgages. Although second charge loans can work out to be costly. It would be worth checking the early repayment charges on your BTL's as you could look to remortgage and capital raise with it being more cost effective overall. You do not want to take borrowing on your residential property if not needed. BTL's are a luxury that can be sold without affecting your own housing if needed
  3. Hello, Noticed no one has replied to you on this. I can certainly help with this. As long as you have at least 2 years in the industry with no breaks and a new contract in place it should not be an issue getting you lending. Please contact me and we can discuss further. Kind regards, Orla
  4. Hello Everyone, I am an independent mortgage broker specialising in ex-pat/ foreign nation mortgages. Please do get in touch and i will be able to assist. orla@as-financial.com Kind regards, Orla
  5. Hello Billy, To be honest it won't make a whole lot of difference either way it is an outstanding debt. If anything with the credit cards you are on 0% so a potentially lower outgoing compared to you consolidating this amount into a personal loan. I would keep doing what you are doing and try and repay as much of the debt as possible. If you have any other credit cards that are going unused - cancel these to reduce the amount of borrowing available to you. Be mindful as to not miss any of these credit card payments - if you haven't done so al
  6. Hello, In regards to your income, are you keeping a certain amount of funds in the company is this why your salary taken is low? There are lenders that can work off the retained income in your property.
  7. hello, In regards to second property stamp duty you will be liable as a married couple. If you own a property even if you are not named on your wife's purchase she will be liable for second property stamp duty. In regards to using the 5% deposit scheme this will be dependent on if you intend to live in this property. 5% deposits will only be allowed on residential property purchase, if the lender has any doubts that this is going to be a buy to let they will not be willing to lend. Kind regards, Orla
  8. Hello John, Gaining a BTL mortgage once in retirement is doable but you would need to have provable income - ideally over £25k (some lenders do not require this figure but most do). Mortgage term would come down to your age. Some lenders will lend up to age 80 - so entirely down to when you decide to retire! Kind regards, Orla
  9. Hello, From my past experience with ex-pat lenders they are very straight forward, slightly complicated and they are not willing to lend. Unless you go to a lender like Octopus who are more of a short term asset based lender would you find an ex-pat lender able to lend to a limited company on a buy to let basis. My recommendation would be to have the limited company in your sole name - you brother could potentially gift you his share of deposit and the two of you come to your own personal agreement in terms of asset/ rental split. I am more
  10. That's ok. You will need a mortgage broker that has previous experience with expat lenders. I am more than happy to discuss please see my companies website; as-financial.com Kind regards, Orla
  11. Hello, When it comes to remortgaging as an expat in terms of lenders available this will be very much dependent on the rent your getting from your buy to let properties and the income your receiving in your new job role. Lenders will make a full affordability assessment based on your outgoings in Thailand (i.e rent which i assume will be minimal) and stress test your current rental properties. The new role you have taken on will be assessed, as a lender will need to establish how stable this job role is, such as if its in the same line of work you have be
  12. Hello, Yes lenders would still view the properties in Dubai as rental income. There are lenders however who don't require any proof of income. Get in touch if you have anymore questions.
  13. Hello Rachel, I am an independent mortgage broker. Generally i don't charge clients for my services, as with all lenders we are paid by the lender - which pay a set amount based on the loan amount. We do have a break even point, so we don't make a loss on a mortgage we will ask client's to top this up. This will all be dependent on the loan amount you will be looking at. Please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions.
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