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  1. Hi everyone, this forum is an an amazing tool for any level property investor. I am currently saving up to buy my own home hopefully at some point next year. Now I have considered (as advised on here) to buy a rental property in a cheaper high yielding area and put my profit towards the deposit for my own place. I have recently had a little one and so I am considering potentially making sure my own accommodation is sorted beforehand. I have been looking into a share to buy property and they seem like a great idea. The issues I have is the 99 year lease and how difficult
  2. Sorry for the first two quotes Richard, I didn't realise how to reply and quote at the same time! Thank you for such an insightful reply, I would have never consider s to rent it out at the same time, I have always viewed property as something static, you buy and hold for a long time! To give you more insight into me, I'm 24 I currently don't have the funds to buy but I want to get a grasp and deep understanding of property. To let you know I live in Essex and currently am expecting my first child, so when I buy I may not necessarily be able to rent the rooms out to lodgers unless they enjoy
  3. Thanks Vicky, I will have a look into this!
  4. Yes I listened to the podcast and they did mention all of those, I'm actually looking to raise funds to get a property in the future and whilst saving I want to grab as much knowledge as possible
  5. Hi all, this is quite an ambitious question I have, I currently do not own a property and am putting away money every month towards a deposit, my question is should I look to buy a place on a mortgage and hope to sell it in a few months time or do I look to buy a house to live in and start saving again?
  6. Hi guys, I am a complete property newbie and I bet this questions gets asked daily but can anyone recommend some essential reading for me?
  7. Good morning all, I have just written this on the way into work on the train, I am hoping to really get started in property and it would be a dream to eventually do up and sell on properties full time. I have never purchased a place before and I wanted to use this forum as a starting place to meet people and gain knowledge. Can anyone recommends some reading firstly on how I can get started? There is so many questions like how much do I need, do I buy post Brexit? Do I hope for another crash and then buy? Is help to buy good etc? If anyone can point me in the right direction as a starting of
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