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  1. Hi all, I did some research/experimenting with a test account. Apparently there is no way to - assign different passwords/credentials to the users of the family account (except if you restrict the allowed content => parental control) - anyone can select a different "user" as the "current user" on a device and see that users viewing history etc. (probably not wanted in an HMO either) - if you have access to a non restricted account (which you have if you can watch netflix without content/age-restrictions), you can change email/password etc. without re-e
  2. @Mortgage_tom: I don't think too many HMO tenants have parents (or friends) with a "Family Netflix Account" they can use. Or am I wrong? Because if that is the case, then offering it as "included" in the HMO is not really an added value anymore.
  3. Hi Richard, thanks for your reply. Yes that would be my plan too. As I don't use Netflix myself I was hoping someone could tell me about the features of the family-plan. - can the admin (parent-)account allow or disallow devices or child-accounts? - are all devices logged in with the same account and password? - can a user copy the password and add another device to watch Neflix on? Cheers, Dominik
  4. Hi all, I'm considering offering "free Netflix included" for my HMO rooms. A lot of people I know like Netflix a lot and at a price of 10£ per month for 4 devices it is also quite affordable. => 20£ for a 6BR-HMO (8 devices) => less than 1£ per week per tenant. With the "Family/Premium"-Plan at 10£ per month you can install Netflix on as many devices as you like and watch on 4 devices at the same time. My questions now are: do you offer this and if so, how do you manage access / managa the devices? Or do you only "install/configure" it on
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