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  1. Just wondering did many people take the 3 months mortgage holiday due to covid, and will it affect future lending? The first few weeks of lockdown my weekly wage was affected by around 50% of what I would usually earn although I was still working, this along with the tenant protection announced I was unsure about the rent being paid I took the 3 months mortgage holiday plus a 3 months holiday on a credit card I'm paying off. The tenant never missed a payment and my wages are back to around 80% of my previous year in April/may and should continue to improve as the lockdown is eased.
  2. My accountant just does my self assessment. Im going to need an accountant that specialises in property for 20/21, im pretty sure another rental property would put me in the higher rate or somewhere close so it would be a good idea to speak with a tax advisor. How much would this service cost and any recommendation? Thanks for the reply
  3. Hi, So i purchased a property early 2019 that needed a little work and now rent it out on a consent to let with my residential mortgage. After the 5 year fixed term I hope to switch over to a buy to let with the equity from the house which is my first rental property. I have a deposit for my second rental property assuming I can get a 75% btl mortgage after the coronavirus lockdown, i have decided ltd company is the way to go as i want to build a portfolio over the next 10+ years. Do I need to speak to an accountant or do i just set up with companies house and transfer the money from
  4. Hi, i have always had an intrest in property investment and have just found this site through a book i read (100 property investment tips)
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