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  1. Hi! I own ground floor flat in a purposed built block of flats built in 70's. Entrance to the flat is opening to communal corridor leading to exit. Recently management company sent all owners a letter saying we need to check if our doors complying with fire regulation and are FD30. I had a look on the website advising what should be there and most likely our doors are not complying as not having 3 hinges, not self closing, there are gaps visible etc. I never changed the doors, either find any documents regarding this alteration. Requirements seems reasonable as by having doors which hold the fire for 30 minutes other tenants can leave the building unharmed but I am wondering as the regulation is from 2005 and they just requested it (maybe after Greenfall they just realised). Anyway one option is take a survey to find out if the door is complying. Cost £100 and most likely I will find out I have to change the door. Other option is change only the door. I get a quote for £1400 for labour and material which seems quite expensive. I want the simplest and cheapest door possibly, no fancy features. The other option is door with frame. Cost £2400. Obviously this is recommended option when I want to sell the flat in the future as apparently there were some problems in the past selling flats where documents for certification of frame where requested by solicitor when owners only changed the doors. I realise the flat is in South East but anyway it seems quite expensive. Did anyone had similar issue? Any company recommendations? Any advice? I was thinking if I need to have certified fitter or is there any cheaper option of usual builder fitting it and then council? Fire brigade? Can certify it? Any advice highly appreciated! Thank you!
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