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  1. I own a 6 bed terrace, which I run as a homestay for English language learners. In the house is me, my daughter and up to 5 paying guests. Can anyone recommend an insurance company / broker for buildings and contents? My current insurance provider won't cover me for more than 3 guests, and guests cannot stay for more than 3 months. Thanks
  2. Hi all, I'm about to purchase a 4-bed house with a 2-room basement. I'd like to maximise my monthly return AND pull out cash for another purchase. My question is, do I: a.) create a 6-bed HMO, or b.) create a 4-bed HMO + 1-bed flat? I've checked with local planning, building control & HMO team, both options are doable. Return on both options would be similar. But what about refinancing? Would either option work best for maximising how much cash I can pull out? Anything I need to watch out for / push for? All experience / suggestions welcome?
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