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  1. Well , I know a tough one and don’t know weather to post . Just taken on new tennent in a maisonette . With 2 boys approx 6 and 10. And a boy friend who suposidly visits every other weekend . He seems very nice , to be honest she’s been the pain requesting more Works at the house . Now , we’ve had people tell us that early hours of the morning there’s been arguments . We’ve been piecing together thst it’s prob the new boyfriend . Were unsure what what to do , I’m a fireman so I know about safe guarding that this is deffinatly for the children and her , but
  2. I have read this with interest, how will you get on with the section 106 required? The current sotuation we are in is we are unable to get planning permission signed off until we get the section 106 signed by our mortgage company & we don’t want to alert our mortgage company to the fact we have already converted the property as we are in breach of our mortgage conditions! (Standard BTL mortgage) Our situation may be different to yours due to the planning being in retrospect. i welcome your thoughts though! Currently we are looking at having to go down
  3. Hi I’m new to this forum but wonder if someone can help. In a nutshell, I have a property purchased 3 years ago, as 1 dwelling with a BTL mortgage. We converted it into 2 flats (no PP) and this has been fine for 3 years. We then got notice from enforcement as PP had not been sought. retrospective planning will be granted, subject to the section 106 here is where our problem lies, we want to mortgage the 2 flats separately , so we understand we need to grant leases etc, however planning will not mark as approved until we have he section 106 signed & we don’t want
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