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  1. Hi Hubbers Can anyone recommend or point me in the direction of a surveyor in Hull? Thanks Paul
  2. Thank you Tim This couple had no idea what to do and it felt wrong to me which is why I asked the members. Regards Paul
  3. I was asked by a tenant whether his renewal was legal. The agent sends the tenant a contract 3 months before the expiry of the last one to renew for another year. The tenant has 1 month to decide on the renewal. At the same time the renewal is sent a section 8 notice to vacate is sent by the agent. I have never heard of this before and it feels like it might be illegal. Is the agent creating a legal problem for the landlord by issuing this type of contract. Rob and Rob maybe one for you. Thanks Paul.
  4. Rob Dix posted this link that was quite useful. http://www.landlordlawblog.co.uk/2018/05/22/landlords-gdpr-general-data-protection-regulation/?__s=mc6ivxg6u6r5acucy3bk Hope it helps Paul
  5. As an example I am going to view https://www.cubittandwest.co.uk/for-sale/2-bedroom-house-in-portsmouth/41631415/?utm_source=propertyemail&utm_medium=email&utm_content=viewdetailslink&utm_campaign=new_properties in Portsmouth along with 100 other peole according to the agent. Its a blind tender which will be at least 25% above that guide. The refurbished value based on what is currently for sale is about £160k to £175k so the margins could be very thin when you factor in all the expenses. As you can see there is going to be a lot of competition. Regards Paul
  6. Hi Mr Moore I am starting out as well althought I have done 2 house upgrades on family houses. This market is very hard to find deep value unless its a wreck or in a bad area. I think the key is to find the right locations and concentrate on those which means you will need to set rightmove to send you updates of all property coming into your search zone. I know everybody is tired of it but always RUN the numbers as the front end is cost heavy and go up and visit the areas ( location, locatio. location) you are interested in as the numbers can only tell you so much. The property hub area reviews are great but there is also loads on the web and the members are always helpful. In Southampton where I am there are very few BMV's and the competition in the auctions for the promising ones is fierce. Hope it helps Paul
  7. Hi Rob and Rob One for a mention maybe. I came across a property of interest in the latest savill auction. A lot in Southampton where I am based and thought the price looked to good on the guide. Ah but always read the legals, it has a chancel attached. Some members might run into this so you might want to give it 5 minutes in one of your podcasts. Great work lads regards Paul
  8. Hi Peter My boiler is a Baxi and we have had them in out 3 times in the last 4 years for various problems luckily all under guarantee as it is a 5 year. The boiler service engineers opinion was over engineered and that a Glow- worm are less complex and more reliable. If you know a service engineer he's probably the best person to ask. My which report rates the Worchester-Bosch brand. Hope it helps Regards Paul
  9. Depends how IT literate you are and how much you want to spend. I used Weebly for one I made myself you can set up a free account to practice. GoDaddy will provide a full service if you need one built for you which if you plan to transact on it maybe a better solution. There are lots of designers around so get some recommendations in your area. Good luck which ever route you choose.
  10. Hi Stephen Darrens blog is very good well worth reading. On loans try and get a credit card free 2 years on balance transfer as it can be an easy source of free money. Areas are cheap for a reason so check zoopla data and employment prospects in the area. Also look through properties for potential to be split into flats or could it be a HMO. This seems to have happened a lot in Sunderland as I am always seeing them pop up. As you want to flip know the road top price as Darren commented the margins can evaporate. I am doing an extension and I reckon the build cost is £1500 sqm fyi. Hope it helps Paul for
  11. The new tax on what is deemed a second home seems to favour unmarried couples. We have inherited a house which is going into my wife's name solely. If I buy a house in my name is it considered a second home by the revenue for tax purposes? Thanks Paul
  12. One suggestion for you which I though was quite clever. Try and get on these credit deals where they offer a 0% balance transfer with no fee for 2 years or more its effectively bridging finance for free if you can make it work.
  13. Hi All I have read quite few articles on extensions and renovations and I would just like to share some of my experiences from one I am doing at the moment. 1 Choose your architect carefully as the one I had who should have known about how the planners were thinking was uninformed. I went for planning which was blocked because of a number of reasons but I felt the architect should have advised better on the reasons (in hindsight it stopped me over capitalising the house). In the end we went for permitted development which is a course I will follow first next time. 2. Useful tips get an independent building inspector on board as they are much more obliging than the local council who view these projects as money printing machines. 3. We got 3 quotes but take time to check the reputation of your builders as we had to disregard one as he had bad feedback. 4. What ever you think it will cost double it and don't forget the VAT. 5. Check if part of build can be VAT reduced your builder can help you with this. 6. Always do staged payments as part of your build agreement. I hope these lessons I learnt help all you renovators and flippers. Regards Paul
  14. Ruth you will just get into a lot of trouble for someone else. If HMRC think you are complicit they will have you on a watch list. Not worth it. This sort of thing was normal in Spain but they have tightened up a lot now. Hope it helps Paul
  15. Frank Knight, Savills and Allsops often do reports on the London market. I think London is viewed as a safe store of capital for International investors especially with sterling's big fall. The main stumbling block is the change in domicile rules for HNW individuals who had residences here.