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  1. Hi Garry I'm in a similar situation by the sounds of things, being an expat and seeking to buy low-value / high yielding assets back in the UK. Expat mortgages are much more readily available now than they were even a few years ago (even via a ltd company - I have acquired 2 assets this way in the 16 months that I have been an expat). You should also definitely take advice from a UK qualified accountant as to your strategy and how it will affect you (a) whilst you are an expat and (b) if/when you plan to move back to the UK. Happy to discuss further with you more generally if it would assist.
  2. Hi everyone Apologies if this topic has been covered before, but I've done a search and couldn't find any info readily available. I have 5 BTL properties which are currently let, but have no proper bank account "system" in place when it comes to receiving rent and paying out mortgages and expenses, so I find that I'm losing track of my expenditure and income for each property. Do people generally have a single bank account per property, or one general bank account for all properties (for those who have more than one)? Appreciate anyone's input. Many thanks Ps I should also say that I do keep track by way of a separate Excel spreadsheet and have tabs for each property, but I find that only helps to a certain extent.