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  1. Thank you for the post about Fresh start living. I have also been inundated with calls on Viewpoint and after some research decide not to invest. Prime Noble the developers are new and have never done any other projects before. This also need was nought to put me off. Above information is also very useful so many thank you M Dawson
  2. Thank you for your input Zak and scousexile. I have researched Toxteth L8 and the history is pretty grim. 2011 were the last riots I think. Am now a little concerned about this area.. Zak would you be able to tell me if this area is under regeneration? From what I understand they are demolishing all the terraced houses to make way for new apartment blocks. Would I be better off looking at L3 or L4 postcodes when targeting young professionals and potential growth? Thank you for the advise .. Much appreciated.
  3. Hi Is anyone here familiar with or is from Liverpool? Thinking of investing in the L8 area in a 1 bed apartment - new built but am not familiar with Liverpool at all. Does anyone know this area and is it somewhere young professionals would choose to rent? Any advise much appreciated.
  4. Thank you Patrick. That's very helpful. I haven't even started to navigate the mortgage territory yet! All the best Roopa
  5. Hi Patrick Being new to BLT and Property Investment as a whole, I have had a similar experience. I have been offered a very similar deal by an investment company.. to buy "off plan" for a discounted price also in a northern city. The expectation is for a 7% net yield and Capital gains when the apartment is complete and on the open market. Richards advise is great on this. How did you go on this? Did the due diligence all check out. I am still pondering on it. Thanks. Roopa
  6. Hi All, just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Roopa and I'm from London. My husband and I are in the beginning stages of learning about property investment. My background is in Education and teaching so have furnished myself with several books including Rob's which I found very helpful. I am still trying to wade through and understand all the tax changes. I have done some research on which area to invest in and was thinking of the new developments in Liverpool City Centre. Is anybody else looking at this in terms of Flipping and/ or BTL? Any advise about this area much appreciated...
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