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  1. If you need a mortgage broker I use Andrew Bowles from Vincent Burch. He is great and will tell you your options pretty quickly so you can move forward.
  2. Having done some flips in the past and also have standard BTL's I would tend to look at the yield it will produced if you hold it and re finance. Is it in an area that has potential growth. If so, that property, if it rents well, could be more valuable to hold onto and when the property increases in value and hopefully rental yield as well you could then release more capital for another project. You would have also taken the money released when you refinance it now and continued your property journey but have the potential to tap into the first properties growth at a later date. That wou
  3. Hi All Fab Forumers I have just launched a True Crime podcast - the story of my sisters encounter with a serial conman. Think Dirty John 2.0! Here is the link to the trailer or you can find it anywhere you listen to Podcasts - Apple, Spotify etc. Just search Conning the Con. https://open.spotify.com/episode/3qvqvZSX20kpSPHwRm9i5R It is a totally bonkers story and you may even learn something along the way as we are joined by Clinical Psychologist, Dr Sophie Muir, who sheds light on the workings of the criminal mind. Appreciate your support and if you like it please
  4. Hi Just came across a new company that looks like a great tool as gives estimates yield long and short term lets etc. It is called Yuvoh. Just wanted to see if anyone else has heard of it or used it and found the pricing to be acurate?
  5. Hi Oh Mighty Forum I am hunting down a very specific UK Lender. I am wanting to purchase a BTL/holiday home in France. We don't meet the French banks mortgage requirements because they don't like Interest Only mortgages - we have 3 BTL's on these in the UK. We can release equity for the deposit but really want to purchase something more expensive than the deposit will allow. Hence we need a mortgage BUT it needs to be from a UK lender. Anyone know anything about doing this? Any advice gratefully received! Sarah
  6. Hi Happy to provide a staging quote for you to make your place stand out on the pictures and get more foot traffic through. Good luck sarah
  7. Absolutely, sarbelproperty@gmail.com where are you based?
  8. Hi Rob's I have a question for a ask rob and rob or maybe an episode. I have a Ltd company that I use for flips, so it is a trading company and can't be used to hold property in for BTL's. So my question is if I refurb a property with the intention to flip and then decide I want to hold it, do I have to move it into a holding Ltd company and if I do this, does it have to be sold to the holding company from the trading company incurring Stamp Duty? Or is there some kind of SPV or some other work around that I don't know about? Can I move it from the trading company to a subs
  9. Hi Jordan I am in the same position. Have a bit of grace time before I need to file but have been putting it off because seems like such a mission to do it myself. Interested to know how you get on. Sarah
  10. Hi Matt and Lance I set up a flipping Ltd company last year and completed my first renovation this year. It completes next week. I am based in London but the Flip I did is in Sheffield. I was recently featured on the Property Hub podcast on the episode called 'The Journey part one', I think that is what it was called anyway. So rather than me rattle off my background you may just prefer to listen to that. Anyway the reason your post caught my eye is I have my next flip in conveyancing in the LTD company and it looks like I will be needing either investor
  11. Hi Does anyone know what the capital allowances on a flip properties should be. I have a property purchased in one financial year in a ltd company and the accountant is unsure of how to deal with the capital allowances on it as it will show as sold in the next financial year and she wants to make sure we do it right. She isn't a property specialist accountant but is my accountant for my other business so makes it easier using her. I have had a consultation with Property Hub Tax but didn't know to ask that at the time and now can't get hold of the person I had the consultation with
  12. Hi Oli I am in the process of purchasing a semi detached 2 bed in Sheffield, the plan being to flip it. I was going to do a single story kitchen extension only and velux out the loft space to make a third bedroom but having spoken to my real estate agent up there (I am London based) he said a dormer room with ensuite would mean he could definitely add £20k to the sale price once done. My question is how much does a dormer realistically cost to do. The width of the house is approximately 4.3m and the depth 9.9m but not sure how much of the 9.9m is usable as it will have one side pit
  13. Hi All I am offering on a Property that I will be purchasing for cash and it will be a flip so need a Solicitor that is used to processing cash purchases. I am based in London but the Solicitor doesn't need to be. Any one used anyone they would recommend?
  14. pretty sure there was an architect on the hub offering free advice. Sorry can't remember who but worth trying to find the thread for you.
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