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  1. Guys great so see more chat about Scotland. This Website/forums would benefit from a separate "scotland" link which i might purpose to property hub as Scotland / england are clearly different in many aspects of property and each element is dealt with. Even more evident now that the virus has came about and rules in england (opening up the property market 6 weeks early) vs scotland is totally different. Would anyone be interested in a general whatsapp property group maybe called "scotland property hub" were we can bounce ideas, mentor and ask any questions about the markets in scotland etc? Happy to start it if there is some interest? Cheers, Eamon
  2. @cmack95 I have / had a very similar situation to you. From Ireland but lived in dubai and bought a flat in birmingham as an Expat investor. I currently live in glasgow and invest here. There are a hand full of different areas as you know to invest but i personally love city centre Glasgow and believe its the best capital growth to come. In terms of brokers / solicitors i can certainly send across some details if you want to PM me. Maybe even give you some ideas on purchasing a residental instead of BTL as an expat and some ways to save on tax etc. Cheers, Eamon
  3. Hi @camilla j I work and live in Glasgow and source and buy my own properties here. If you need any help drop me a PM and we could chat over what you need? Market just open on monday here so its go go go. Eamon
  4. Hi @sinj-p What exactly are you looking to gain from the consultants? Source + Purchase + Renovate + rent? Im currently actively working and live in central glasgow and purchasing properties. Drop me a PM and we could chat about your goals etc and see what we can do. Eamon
  5. Would like to know the full process too of an Eviction if anyone else can reply? Thanks Eamon
  6. @ayns Overall value was £150k. Offer accepted at £128k after a few offers i put in had been rejected. How is your searches going in Nottingham? Are you still as optimistic? I believe the conveyancing process is going to take 8-12 weeks instead of the usual 4-6 week, but i believe this is also a good opportunity to review the investment and market but as the price i paid is great im hoping to go through to the end of the process. I believe 8-12 weeks is when we will see some people back to work and builders/sole traders who need some money/side work to keep them going will take advantage of this and the renovation process i intend to complete will hopefully have little restrictions on the access/working. Let me know if you get anything in this period of time. Interested to see how you get on. Eamon
  7. Currently just got an offer accepted at £22k below Home Report Value (City centre Glasgow, Scotland). Essentially nothing goes below home report value so i can only put it down to COV-19 and a motivated seller. As long as you buy at the right price then you're eliminating/reducing the risk. If you don't ask you don't get and its certainty time to start asking.
  8. Hi all, Has anyone came across a "trust" set up? My accountant confirmed he can run my personal BTL through my company accounts without the need to sell the property to the company and the deed etc is still under my personal name. This is done by using a "trust" document. Im currently purchasing my 2nd BTL this way too...buy it under my personal name, not through my company and set up a "trust". Seems like a simple and less expensive way to run a company. Any positives / negatives that come to mind and does anyone else use this technique? Eamon
  9. Stuart, Think you got me wrong. Ive accepted and complete the mortgage 2 weeks ago which fell under the 0.75%BBR. I was just wondering if there was some sort of cooling off period for banks and could this accepted remortgage be revisited within a certain period so i can essentially get a new mortgage which would reflect the current situations 0.25% BBR.
  10. Hi All, Refinanced my property and got a 5 year fixed mortgage at the 0.75% Bank of england base rate just 2 weeks ago. Does anyone know if banks would revisit the mortgage and drop it in line with the new 0.25% Base rate change? Thanks Eamon
  11. Hi All. Just looking to see what people would do if they were in the same position. Refinancing my B1 Birmingham city centre flat. Refinancing at a year 5 fix lets me release an extra £10k. Only down side is im tied in for an extra 3 years and the interest rate is 2.11% instead of 1.99%. This would then cancel out my option of anther refinance in 2/3 years time when i believe the market will be flying. What would YOU do? Eamon
  12. @Adam Hosker Thanks for the reply. Yeah just under 75% LTV (72% LTV) plus free val and £300 cashback. 1.69% Santander tracker true cost over the next 24months is more than the BM Solutions due to the £1759 fees in total. 2 year fix is a great idea. Will look into that but the "true Costs" BM solution seem to be the winner.
  13. Lender - BM Solutions Product - EVG BTL 2 Year BBR plus 1.51% Tracker then BBR plus 4.34% for Term Remortgage Only Initial Rate - 2.26 % (Tracker, 1.51 % above Bank of England Base Interest Rate) Initial Monthly Payment £ 229.76 Set Up Fees - £0 (£0 to broker and £0 to bank) Note: -Pulling 40k out and after the next 24 months i hope to Re-finance again as the rate will be at 4.34% on the 25th month. - Can go Fixed for 5 years but plan to refinance again within the next 5 too. Thanks
  14. Hi All. Any recommendation for a great letting/management agent? Thanks Eamon
  15. Yep crystal clear. Obviously a downside on fixed is not being able to access funds from the property again for 5 years vs being able to access funds but initially not being able to remortage the maxium amount.