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  1. Hi Guys, Wanted to get your thoughts about BRR strategy to get majority of money out with Article 50 looming. Doing a full refurb to force appreciation and then seeing prices drop due to Article 50 would be devastating.....do we think this is likely?
  2. Hi guys, Looking to hear from investors who adopt a buy - refurb - refinance BTL strategy. What are your expectations and experiences in terms of the % of money you can get back out of a deal? I'm looking at 1970's terraced, 2/3 bed, requires light refurbishment (£10k max - maybe a new bathroom or kitchen) and buying around 15% - 20% BMV. Refinance as early as possible (6 months but my broker believes we could do it earlier) and recycle deposit. You may not be able to judge my deal without more area info etc, but keen to hear what normal returns
  3. Hi Guys, Can anybody recommend a specialist property accountant? Need advice on most tax efficient way to go about my investments, and somebody to look after my books. Thanks, Sam
  4. Thanks for the reply George. I will add an insurance broker to the list. I'm going to wait for the Autumn statement later this month just incase anything announced could change my plan of focus. At this point I may be in touch regarding properties in the North of England. Are you attending the meet up tonight?
  5. Hi there guys, I am new to property investing and wanted to introduce myself to the Property Hub community! A bit of background, I've always been interested in property but it has been from a far as the large capital start up costs have always been a barrier to entry, I live in the Greater London area. Having just bought my own house earlier this year with my fiancé I've spent the last few months educating myself and trying to learn from others experiences within the community - after the wedding next year has been paid for I can start looking to use my cash flow to inves
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