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  1. Hi Krisd I’m sorry to hear you’re disappointed with our recent announcements. Although I appreciate you publicly sharing your concerns as others may feel the same. I’ll address your points individually so hopefully this will help you understand what we’ve done why we’ve done it. 1. Our first event is in London as this is where a large proportion of our audience is - this is based on our stats and research. However we won’t be leaving our northern Hubbers behind as we’ll be holding an event in the north later on in the year. 2. To put on an event of this size and quality tak
  2. Well, I certainly have more sympathy for the delays we often experience with other developers now – construction isn’t easy! We’ve had several setbacks throughout construction although setbacks are to be expected in this game, but the biggest one has been waiting for the power to be connected. We started the process months ago, and the utility company is finally going to connect us in the next 2 weeks. You’ll have seen the photos we’ve been sharing with investors as we go along, but I’ve attached some of the latest ones here. Almost all the houses are totally finished, with just a bi
  3. Wow double that's incredible, congratulations.! You've certainly beat the market, Manchester has only been increasing at any noticeable level for the last two years and judging by historical cycles it suggests it has a long way to go. Have a look at this link if you want to dig into the data. https://www.hometrack.com/uk/insight/uk-cities-house-price-index/ Cheers!
  4. Hey Susan, This podcast stirred emotion in both Rob and me too. Fear, excitement, etc. Even after witnessing it first hand, I still find it a little bit nuts and hard to believe. I'm just pleased we could share what's happening. Thanks!
  5. Hey Chris, Thanks for the great feedback. Rob said 2006 because he was buying then, but this also happen in London five years ago and many parts of the South East 2-3 years ago. Manchester has only just started getting going and the majority UK investors are still not awake to what's happening. Look out for the ripple effect too, other areas close by will benefit in years to come. Cheers
  6. Hey all, I'd love to know what you think about this episode. Leave your comments below Cheers
  7. Hi Noah, This is a great question but will take me quite a while to answer! I'd love to record an Ask Rob and Rob on this very topic. If you get a chance, pop your message here and we’ll turn your question into a podcast. It would be great for young people to get some advice on this topic. Cheers, Rob
  8. Hi Mikhil, Super impressed by your ambition. I wish I was this switched on at 17! Great questions - here’s my answers: 1 - yes, the BTL market is certainly still profitable. There's enough of us in this forum who can testify. It's not a path to quick riches, but if you're in it for the long term, you should be fine. At 17, you've got plenty of time ahead to create a profitable portfolio. 2 - yes, yields are certainly more attractive than saving accounts or ISAs. Are we talking life-changing sums? No, but the real wealth in property is created thr
  9. Hi John, Welcome to the forum and thanks for sharing your story. Great to hear that you’ve found the Hub helpful. Liverpool is a fantastic place to invest in - honestly, I’m not biased! Rob and I have tipped this area previously. If you want to hear more about where to invest this year, take a listen to Where To Invest In 2017. Good luck! Rob
  10. Hi Ben, Thanks for joining the forum and sharing your story. Wow, you’ve been busy listening to all those podcasts! I love that the podcasts have become the soundtrack to your commute - we might have to make that our tagline! Great to hear you have a solid plan in place. The Midlands is a brilliant location to invest in, so you're on the right track. Plenty of fundamentals and fantastic investment going on there. Good luck with your journey - let us know how you get on! Rob
  11. Hi Chris, Welcome to the forum! Great to hear that you’ve found the resources and podcasts useful Your experience and knowledge will be valuable here on the forum. As for meetups, you’re spoilt for choice! Take a look here for Derby and here for Nottingham. Cheers, Rob
  12. Hi Darren, Take a look at the free Buying BMV course on the Hub. It will give you many helpful pointers on how to find, assess and buy below market value. Cheers and good luck! Rob
  13. Hi Charlie, There are several good areas in and around Weston-super-Mare. I would take a look at the town centre itself, particularly the Hillside, where you’ll find period properties overlooking the beach. Worle, which is around 3 miles from the town centre, may also be an area to look closely at - you’ll find family houses there and a train station that’s on the line to Bristol and London. It’s worth noting that the seafront has seen a lot of regeneration over the past few years, so that’s certainly an area to bear in mind. It’s also close to restaurants,
  14. Hi Martin, Welcome to the forum and thanks for your question! I’ve invested in Hull and was drawn to the city for the same reasons as yourself - the regeneration projects can only have a positive impact on the city. As you've rightly pointed out, the yields are attractive and the good news is I've always found it easy to rent my property out. As for areas to invest, if you're a Property Hub magazine subscriber, you'll be able to access the back issue that includes a big feature on this very subject. If you're not a subscriber, check out this link
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