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    Hong Kong
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    Would like to buy in Hong Kong, but the market is too hot, so I am planning to purchase back in the UK where the exchange rate, interest rates and market conditions are all aligned.
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    Construction (Civils Commercial Manager)
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    To increase my property portfolio in the UK, to enable me to flip and purchase a property in Hong Kong when the time is right.
    Would also love to have a ski apartment in Niseko (Japan)
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    Snowboarding and cycling

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  1. Hi R&R, I found Zoopla's retweet of Joe Sarling's chart on the UK property very interesting. Especially the subsequent conversation and chart that showed the Northern Ireland prices are still 60% below 2008 prices, whereas all other areas of the UK have showed a recovery. It was also interesting to note that N. Ireland prices are starting to show a recovery. (See attached) Retweeted by Zoopla Joe Sarling ‏@joesarling 4h On my monthly #ukhousing chart, all geographies are now above the '08 peak. London is 40% above the peak! I have been researching the N. Ireland property market (which is effectively Belfast) and believe there numerous properties with strong fundamentals and the potential for high returns. (eg £40k to £60k returning £400 - £600 pcm) Following on from your excellent podcast on the Scottish property market, it would be interesting to get your views on the N. Ireland property market. Once you have done that, you might as well complete the property equivalent of the triple crown and do the Welsh (Cardiff) property market. If not enough for a podcast, it may be worthy of a mention on PNR. Rgds, Brian
  2. Yes please !!! Just love Audio Books and a free copy of Rob D's ""Property Investment for beginners" would be superb. B
  3. After years of being a very conservative buy to let property investor, I finally realised that after listening to Rob B & Rob D I had been doing it all wrong. After months years of procrastination I finally found my get up and go to get back in the property game (this time with real purpose); My Strategy Find and area with strong fundamentals. (ü) Research the area, (ü) Talk to locals and agents (ü) Release equity from 1 of my existing properties (Mortgage application approved) Purchase 2 properties with cash at BMV.(possibly at auction) Quick refurbish (if required) and rent out (Brother in law on board and will double up as letting agent) Arrange mortgage on new properties take out equity and repeat buying at least 1 property every 6 months. Up until recently I was proceeding with HSBC who offered very favourable buy-to let mortgages. (3.7%) The mortgage was approved and everything proceeding smoothly until they asked who my existing mortgage lender was. When I replied that I didn't have a mortgage as the property was unencumbered, they advise they couldn't give me a mortgage. HSBC class this as "capital raising" and was against policy. If I was to sell the property, they would give me a mortgage to re-purchase, but then I would have to pay stamp duty? Tried a number of brokers in England and Scotland who couldn't source a mortgage lender for various reasons. What I am looking for is an Expat But-to-let mortgage on an unencumbered Scottish property at a competitive rate. Not easy to find. (I am working for UK mulitnational) Bank of China (UK) might work, but they want to know what you are going to do with the funds and if you are going to buy property they want to know the property details and will not let you buy at auction. Any thoughts or advice on lenders or brokers would be greatly appreciated? This is just my first major hurdle which I will over come. Rgds, Brian
  4. Just wondering how you let your investments. Furnished or unfurnished? I am guessing furnished is easier to rent and you can ask for higher rents. (assuming decent furniture) Downside being wear and tear and replacement costs. Are you more likely to have a greater turnover of tenants as it is easier for them to move on? I assume that unfurnished is the opposite of the above. Therefore does it boil down to "Replacement costs of furniture v Increased rental?" What are your thoughts? Brian PS Could be a good podcast topic (if not already covered)
  5. Fully agree. After listening to TPP15 How goal setting will change your life podcast, I set myself a challenge to cycle a few of the iconic climbs in the Italian Alps (Stelvio, Gavia, Mortorilo) I sent my friends a bold email about the challenge and six of them have signed up to join me, with another 6 still considering it. I have set myself a goal that unless I can get down to a certain weight and climb a local hill in under an hour I am not allowed to purchase a new bike and will have to undertake the challenge on my old bike.
  6. Hi Bhavesh, I am getting 3% net and think I could do better.
  7. Undertake some renovations in one of our existing properties once our tenants have moved out (They have given verbal notice that they are looking) Purchase two more properties by the end of the year.
  8. What kind of returns are people getting on their property investments? (I hope this isn't too forward a question to ask for my first post) Also does anyone have any spreadsheets to calculate their gross, nett yields, RoI, etc that they would be willing to share?
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