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  1. Some estate agents will accept offers direct from the buyer but others want it through a solicitor. It’s all a bit of a farce really and makes no difference at this early stage but I suppose it may weed out some time wasters. Solicitors in Scotland will submit your offer for free on the understanding that if you’re successful you’ll use them for the purchase. If they don’t, don’t use them! It’s usually the secretary that sends the offer to the estate agent anyway.
  2. I agree. Get it replaced. Your mistake was spending £299 on a 9 year old boiler. Lessons learnt.
  3. Easy answer, tell him to take a run and jump. The roof and attic space are shared and he has no right to force you to remove the tank and probably no right to floor it without your permission. Tell him if he wants to pay to remove the tank and make your system mains pressure feel free. This increase in pressure can cause leaks though, so beware. You can also tell him if he wants sole use of the attic he can pay to have it written into the deeds but he would also be responsible for all roof repairs. I own a maisonette in Scotland and as it has a loft extension, I’m responsible for the roof. Sorry about the rant, I hate bullies 😡
  4. Hi This is a UK based site so can’t see there being much help here.
  5. I pay £50 for gas safety, boiler service and gas hob check in Fife.
  6. I’m in Scotland where we’ve had this rule for several years and you only need a test done every five years. Prices seem ok to me.
  7. In short, do tenants even read the tenancy agreement? It’s like those tick boxes when you sign up to something on the internet. Do you read the terms and conditions? I think not.
  8. All the clauses seem reasonable to me apart from the children one. So if one of your tenants get pregnant you’re going to evict them as they arrive home with their new baby? I’m not sure being a landlord is the right road for you to go down. You do know they say it’s more a people business than a property business?
  9. If you operate in Scotland you would have to register as a letting agent. You could send emails so they look like they’re coming from your parents and avoid this. Depends if you’re comfortable bending the rules. Not sure about England.
  10. I just screwed straight through the new plasterboard into the old and then into the joist. There was no dust. If there was any it would be trapped above the new plasterboard.
  11. Yes very detailed referencing for only £20 per tenant. I use the comprehensive referencing. It’s the same price as the Speedy reference but includes previous landlord check, affordability rating and employer income check. It also allows you to take out rent guarantee insurance but that’s suspended for now. Wonder why
  12. I love Openrent and have used it several times. I only use it to advertise and reference. As I own property in Scotland, the tenancy documents aren't suitable. I have always self managed. I started to save money as I thought it seemed a lot of money for what an agent does. I also wanted to learn the process. That's just me, I enjoy property. Now 3 years on I can see the benefits of an agent but could I find one that does it as well as me? My main hassle is maintenance. I can do most of the work myself and like you, now have plenty contacts but problems always seem to come at the wrong times! If you have any more questions about Openrent just ask but I’d appreciate if you would consider using the link below as it gives us both a free advert. What have you got to loose!! http://www.openrent.co.uk/invite/1943377 Thanks Craig.
  13. Nothing wrong with plastic conduit or trunking. It should be safe enough if done properly(although a bit unsightly). You'll need to get it tested before you rent it out so you’ll soon find out.
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