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  1. It cost me £560 to get the pipe and meter box installed in Fife. It was installed by the gas network company. I shopped around for a gas supplier who would supply and fit the meter free if I took out a new contract with them. I think it was British Gas in the end. Others wanted a fee. My plumber then connected into the meter. It only took around 4 weeks from ordering the install but it'll vary from place to place.
  2. I think in this day a property has to have gas heating. You should add at least what it costs to have it fitted, to the value of the property. Tenants will prefer gas heating and so it will affect rentability. Electric heating is very inefficient and expensive, especially if it's of an older style, so you should check the energy efficiency rating of the property as it may be so poor that you won't be able to rent it out at all! So in summary, get it done now when the property is a wreck anyway. Good luck.
  3. Really nice finish you've achieved but the big issue I see is the position of the bathroom. Walking through a bedroom to access it will put viewers off. It virtually makes this a 1 bedroom house and I'm sure the valuations are way over what they're worth. Have you considered swapping the stairs round and putting in a corridor to the bathroom? This would then make the house more sellable. You really need to work out the rental figures and see what works. What's the possible rent for a 1 or 2 bed house in the area?
  4. Hi James. Stamp duty or Land and Building Tansaction Tax as it's known in Scotland is paid when you buy a property, so if your wife already owns property, I can't see why renting it out can incur LBTT. If you're buying a second property in Scotland LBTT is 4% upto £145000, so a chunk out any profit from day 1.
  5. Hi Al As frustrating as it is, I'd pay up and get him out right now. Less sleepless nights for you and who knows what damage could be done to the property over the next year. Just make sure you get the paperwork done correctly or he could be back for another bite out your butt later.
  6. Your Property Podcast. Money to the Masses. Landlords, lettings and Deposits.
  7. Hi Clare, Property Hub had a revamp of it's meetups lately and quite a few of the meetups stopped. I'm not sure what the exact set up was with the meeting organisers but as they also started to charge £5 maybe that's why some of them were cancelled. Not that I don't think the £5 is justified and it's not done so that PH make a profit. Mainly to stop the time wasters who don't turn up I think. I believe there are still free monthly meetings in Glasgow, Dundee and Edinburgh run by BSD Property Network but I've not tried them. I was going to go along to my local Dunfermline one but they seem to have stopped it.
  8. This question has been raised before as has the unfairness of the system. It also varies from council to council. Ive had varying results with my council. Sometimes getting 100% discount for 6 months and sometimes getting 50%. In fairness this is usually dictated by the previous owners circumstances and how long they claimed the property as being empty. I don't see anything wrong with what you propose but of course if you bend the truth about living there it's fraud. I can see why people do it though as it's very frustrating. Another trick I've heard to reset the clock on when the property was last lived in, is to the give the council the name of a foreign person as the new tenant. After a month the council are then informed the tenant has left the country. Of course the tenant never existed. Total fraud but some people have done it seemingly.
  9. There was a previous post on this subject and I think the majority add it to the rent as the tenant can't be trusted to pay it and as the owner of the property the landlord would be liable.
  10. I’m in Kirkcaldy. The market here has really picked up and so there’s next to nothing at a decent price for me to BRR. Boris concentrating on London and the rest of England second. Not a surprise. Could he find Scotland on a map? Probably not. I gave up with politics a long time ago. If there’s less people buying in Scotland that’s more chance for me but only if the numbers stack. If not, I walk away. It’s business and not personal. Great position to be in. If property doesn’t work I’ll find something else to put my money into.
  11. Mixer shower for me. Look nicer especially if you use a thermostatic bar.
  12. Hi Jordan. Welcome. Didn't like to see your post had no replies. Unfortunately I invest in the East and refurb, so not really any help to you but welcome to the forum anyway.
  13. Hi Robert and welcome. Good luck for the future and keep us informed with your progress.
  14. Hi Graham and welcome. You have started well by finding this forum and website as it's a great source of education. I've built up my knowledge purely by reading and listening to podcasts. You'll find lots of suggestions in the forum. I must agree that I'm not a fan of auctions, especially for newbies. It's not as easy as it seems to be on telly.
  15. Hi James, welcome to the forum. Yes, there's a few of us lurking in the shadows so feel free to ask any questions you might have or post your past experiences and future plans.