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  1. I’m in Scotland where we’ve had this rule for several years and you only need a test done every five years. Prices seem ok to me.
  2. In short, do tenants even read the tenancy agreement? It’s like those tick boxes when you sign up to something on the internet. Do you read the terms and conditions? I think not.
  3. All the clauses seem reasonable to me apart from the children one. So if one of your tenants get pregnant you’re going to evict them as they arrive home with their new baby? I’m not sure being a landlord is the right road for you to go down. You do know they say it’s more a people business than a property business?
  4. If you operate in Scotland you would have to register as a letting agent. You could send emails so they look like they’re coming from your parents and avoid this. Depends if you’re comfortable bending the rules. Not sure about England.
  5. I just screwed straight through the new plasterboard into the old and then into the joist. There was no dust. If there was any it would be trapped above the new plasterboard.
  6. Yes very detailed referencing for only £20 per tenant. I use the comprehensive referencing. It’s the same price as the Speedy reference but includes previous landlord check, affordability rating and employer income check. It also allows you to take out rent guarantee insurance but that’s suspended for now. Wonder why
  7. I love Openrent and have used it several times. I only use it to advertise and reference. As I own property in Scotland, the tenancy documents aren't suitable. I have always self managed. I started to save money as I thought it seemed a lot of money for what an agent does. I also wanted to learn the process. That's just me, I enjoy property. Now 3 years on I can see the benefits of an agent but could I find one that does it as well as me? My main hassle is maintenance. I can do most of the work myself and like you, now have plenty contacts but problems always seem to come at the wrong tim
  8. Nothing wrong with plastic conduit or trunking. It should be safe enough if done properly(although a bit unsightly). You'll need to get it tested before you rent it out so you’ll soon find out.
  9. Everyone's tax situation is slightly different but what you're planning to do has been done by others. If you're currently in the lower tax band, you save money on accountant fees and mortgage rates by buying in your own name.
  10. I’ve been in a similar position and had to take quite a few trips to the recycling centre to clear a shed and attic full of leftovers. My solicitor had the same attitude. He didn’t really want the hassle and advised me to pretty much suck it up. The law is an #ss! Unfortunately you’re probably better just to take it on the chin.
  11. It’s 3 am and you get a call from a pissed tenant who can’t find their keys. Yip £100 minimum fee sounds reasonable. Time to grow up flower.
  12. I bought a house 2 years ago that also turned out to have a 2m diameter vent shaft about the same distance away. I negotiated just less than a 10% discount on the price as any potential buyer is going to be exactly in the same boat when I come to sell. It also helped that the sale had already fallen through once before and the market wasn’t as hot as it is now. My solicitor was relaxed about it as there’s a huge pot of cash set aside to repair buildings that are affected by old mine works. The shaft had been capped. It turned out to be an all money out BRR.
  13. Your wife could still be the registered landlord but you could do all the paperwork for her and in her name. That’s what I do for my wife. She’s made aware of what’s happening at all times.
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