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  1. Hi All I think we need to be careful branding companies as scams or misleading people. These guys are in the property business to make money just like us. The difference is that they've decided to focus on property education as the source of income as oppose to the property acquisition. I have no problems with people selling courses so long as they provide value and networking opportunities. While I haven't done any of their expensive courses, I have heard good things from people who have attended these courses. At the end of the day, its our decision to participate or not. I think there's no substitute for learning while doing however there is something to be said about going into a project well educated and researched. I have found my business partners in these circles so if nothing else, they are a fantastic networking opportunity. Don't blame people for trying to make some money with their time and resources as that is what we all are trying to do. Remember, that is what RMP property is trying to do as well. Regards Karun
  2. Hi Tina thanks for your message. we do one every month so hope to see you next month are you in facebook? It'll be good to connect.
  3. Joe The problem is for beginners like us a mistake can set us back several years especially if you can't get your cash back out of a bad investment. I totally understand and want to follow the learn from your mistakes model but unfortunately unless you're buying £50k houses, its hard to get back into the market straight after a bad investment. For now, I am scheduled to go to a couple of courses in January. From the sounds of it, you are right behind me in the investment journey so I'll be happy to share what (if anything) I learn from those courses and hopefully that can help you assess if they're right for you ? (this is if I end up going). Anyways, good luck with everything and hope to see you in one of the meetups. btw make sure you take some business cards with you so you can network and maybe find a JV partner. Regards Karun
  4. HI Joe I went to the event this past weekend actually. Here are my views: Positives: 1. Inspiring - You hear a lot of inspiring stories and their social media community is very very helpful with any questions you may have on investments. 2. Eye opening - They take you through several NMD strategies which I would have never thought of in my wildest dreams. Caution - only very briefly as the detail will apparently only be available in the costly specialised courses. 3. Contacts - Forget the speakers, you meet several like minded genuine people who are all in a similar situation to you and its a great bonding and networking opportunity. Not so sure on: 1. Up sell - The speeches are designed to leave you wanting more and with all the "today only" special offers, its hard not to get tempted when you see others signing up and FIMO comes into play. 2. Personal stories - I am not sure how to feel about this one. Every single speaker shared their own personal low point that got them into property and got teary on the stage, with the follow up comment of "my goal in life is to help as many people as possible achieve financial freedom". I want to believe them and their stories. I mean surely people wouldn't use their personal life's tragic events to mislead people ? 3. Contradiction - Each speaker talked about how much money they were making from property and if the figures are correct, I am not sure why they were so desperate on selling us the courses ? Each speaker also contradicted the one before them about their own strategy being the most profitable one. The whole course is based around sourcing desperate vendors, buying (for cash!), refurb, and recycle. I am not quite sure how easy it will be to find desperate sellers and/or being able to borrow £200k cash from angel investors without much of a track record. Anyways, I signed up for a few courses in the heat of the moment but now considering if I should use my cooling off period. I'd much rather use that money on mentoring... (Rob- you listening ?? PLEASE ???) Thanks K
  5. Hi Everyone Just wanted to introduce myself. I am new to investing in UK. I probably should have bought a long time ago but I suppose better late than never. I have been in London during all my time in the country so I have never really looked outside London up until now. The book from Rob has been very helpful and I attended my first meetup last night in Waterloo which was very helpful. It was really good to some existing investors and their insights on how to go about things. I work in Asset Management so quite good with numbers, finances, and I love spreadsheets. Hoping to get started soon with a buy to let and build from there. Please say hello and any tips/suggestions are much appreciated. Thanks Karun
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