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    Milton Keynes
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    Single lets and potentially HMO's when I have more time!
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    I work as a Senior Paid Search Consultant for a digital marketing agency. I specialise in Google Adwords and Bing paid search management, conversion rate optinisation and website analytics.
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    Spending time with friends and family, going to the cinema, eating out, travelling to new places, reading, going to the gym (reluctantly) and supporting Arsenal.

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  1. Hi Rob, If I'm not too late, I'd love a copy! Thanks, Hayley
  2. Hi Richard, Thanks for taking the time to reply, much appreciated! You have raised some good points regarding potential capital gains tax/SDLT which I had not thought of, so I'll definitely look into that in more detail, Good point about rising price of the house and possible changes in the inheritance tax threshold, my Dads side of the family tend to live until about 90 so he probably will have about another 20 'miles' on the clock so that is worth considering. I'll look up Garry Streeter as you recommend, thanks. The option of my dad potentially taking out the mortgage does
  3. Hi everyone, I'd be keen to hear your opinions on the following scenario and how best to achieve what we're aiming for (sorry if I waffle on!).. My situation: I have been investing in property for about 3 years and have a small portfolio of 5 single lets. I plan to refinance on these houses and buy more properties in the coming years, however as they're all in their initial mortgage terms at the moment, I won't be able to do this until 2015/16 (without facing high redemption fees!) which is where my Dad comes in.... My Dads situation: My Dad's house is mortgage free and worth arou
  4. Hi Steve, Thought I'd say hi as I'm also in Milton Keynes! How did you get on with your first purchase? We're having the same problem with MK, Prices have shot up in the past 6-9 months and everything seems to sell almost on the day, often at above asking price! It seems very difficult to get anything below BMV any more unless you have the contacts. I would be interested to hear about your experiences in buying your first one in MK. Regards, Hayley
  5. Hi everyone, I'm new to The Property Hub but have found it very useful in the short time I have been a member so thanks for everyone's contributions and advice. I joined having discovered Rob and Rob's Property Podcast which has been great to listen to and made my commute to work more productive then listening to Heart radio - so thanks guys! In terms of property, I am fairly new to it all having purchased my first property in 2009. Since then I have bought 4 more but as I work full time it has been difficult to dedicate as much time as I'd like to property! I'm currently in a positi
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