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  1. Good evening all, From an initial scan of my calendar 25th should work for me. Regards, Pete
  2. Next Friday is out of question, i am treating my gf you a little shopping trip. What about Thursday evening?
  3. Good evening, I hope you be able to sort everything out Barry. Chris & Holly you guys still want to go ahead and meet up for a quick catch up? Pete
  4. Hi guys, I am so sorry, been extremely busy this month and as a result I am well behind on my admin and correspondence. I can make time tomorrow if anyone wants to meet but from what I am reading it looks like we meeting in March is that the group decision?
  5. I am so exited! I mean it took us a while to get it all organised which I apologise for. We have area called "snug" booked under my name, just my first name to make things easier. It's near the bar in case anyone decided that they bored and it's time to embrace the Friday night lifestyle.
  6. Look like we pretty much there! I will nip into the Cockoo over the weekend to make them aware that we will be holding such a "gathering" and I am looking forward to meeting you guys
  7. I was going to suggest 13th or 27th Unfortunately 20th really doesn't work for me. I was thinking gather round from 18:30 onwards. Would everyone be okay with one of those two dates?
  8. Hello, I hope everyone had a great Christmas, I apologise for the lack of any answers been rather busy. I would like to make sure we finally meet in January, I would like to propose The Cockoo in Awalton just outside Peterborough directly next to the A1. What does everyone think about a one Friday evening around 6-7 o'clock? Would like to wish all of you Happy New year and wish you only profitable investments.
  9. Hi everyone The Property Hub isn't planning any official meets in Cambridgeshire due to working on other key areas, however that doesn't stop us from meeting for a coffee. I am more than happy to organise and facilitate the meeting can interested parties post some dates that would work for them also time of the day and we will work something out. Looking forward to meeting you, Kind regards, Peter
  10. Hi all, I just started working on regular Property Hub meeting in Cambridgeshire, if any one has any questions or idea feel free to get in touch. Regards, Peter
  11. Hi all, My name is Peter I am a 25 year old ex estate agent with passion for properties. I am a co-owner of property inventory business in Cambridgeshire with the hunger to become a property developer and landlord. I ended up here through "100 property investment tips" which I am currently in the middle of, I am looking to expand my knowledge as well as meet new people. Regards, Peter W.
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