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  1. Hello haf1963, thank you for your comments. When you say upscale to make the numbers add up, do you mean in terms of the value of the property you will need to purchase? If you don't mind me asking what is the typical value of a property in your BTL portfolio, in comparison to the potential property you are going to flip? Is your portfolio in the north or south of the UK? I am thinking exactly the same as you are in regards to the work I would do on a property to flip. It would be great to stay in touch and see how things go for you with your new venture.
  2. Good Morning All Property Investors, Up until now my strategy has been to buy properties to let, growing my portfolio organically by reinvesting any capital growth and excess rent. I started in property in 2015 and I now have 3 properties in Buckinghamshire, not an aggressive strategy but one that at this time works for me. With low interest, this going well and I would hope to add to my portfolio again this year. This is where my dilemma comes in – I am asking myself whether I should diversify my portfolio with a new strategy. I see the following
  3. Good Afternoon All, I have just signed up to The Property Hub after hearing so many good things about this community. I am a property investor with 2 investment properties, just leveraged my current properties and in the process of buying a 3rd. So far my property journey has been on my own - I have not attended any courses and don't have a mentor. I thought that now may be a good time to talk with like minded people. I am sure there is lots of advise I can pick up and hopefully with my experience I can give some good advice too. My current properties are in Bucks and I am lookin
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